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In the late eighties the Australian Council on Tall Buildings was just an idea of Professor Bill Lim and Henry Cowan. Both were members of the CTBUH.

By the early nineties there had been a well attended and exciting conference in Brisbane setting an international Building Agenda following the success of Brisbane Expo 88. Energy was supplied by Noel Robinson and Elwyn Wyeth. At the same time the Australian Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat had been formed with David Norris as Chair and Janet Conrad and Ian Bishop providing organizational support.

Seminars were conducted, mainly in the offices of Feez Ruthning and the committee expanded including Russell Brothers, Wayne Petrie and John Gaskin.

At the time of the CTBUH World Congress in Melbourne 2001 (organizing force Bonacci Group and Professor James Leamouth) the ACTBUH was running the popular Breakfast Seminars at the Brisbane Club.
More recently, presidents of the ACTBUH have included Wayne Petrie and Brett Taylor.

John Flynn
CTBUH Country
Representative for Australia;

Conrad Gargett Architects
Brian Wooldridge
Opus International Consultants
Cameron McLean
McLean Consult Pty Ltd
Chapter Output & Events
2014, March: Emerging Tech Breakfast in Brisbane
2010, November: ACTBUH - Breakfast Seminar 4
2010, September: ACTBUH - Breakfast Seminar 3
2010, March: ACTBUH - Breakfast Seminar 1
2009, October: ACTBUH - Breakfast Seminar 3
2009, September: ACTBUH - Breakfast Seminar 2
2008, November: ACTBUH - Seminar "Green or Grey - The Aesthetics of Tall Building Sustainability"
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