Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat

Lee Herzog
Lee Herzog

Working Group, Façade Access, Co-Chair (2012-present)

Chicago, USA

Lerch Bates

Lee Herzog entered the Façade Access field in the mid 70s, as a manufacturer and designer, of permanent equipment, under the name Citadel Inc.  Lee selected the Citadel name as its definition is a “Strong High Place” and ironically enough it was the name of his college yearbook.  He and his partners sold Citadel Inc. to a foreign firm in the early 80s.  Lee continued to manage Citadel, for the new owners for several years. In that position, he continued to design façade access systems for high-rise projects around the world.

During that same time, Lee was selected to design an access system for the US Air Force Minuteman Missile Silo program.  In order to understand the design requirements for the silo access, Lee witnessed the launching of several Minuteman Missiles.

Lee then formed a façade access-consulting firm, and for over twenty years operated under the name of Citadel Consulting Inc, which was a division of Lerch Bates Inc. Lee remains with Lerch Bates Inc, as president of the Façade Access Consulting Group, with head offices in Chico, Ca.

Lee served as the Chairman of the ASME -120 “Safety Requirements for Powered Platform and Travelling Ladders and Gantries for Building Maintenance” committee for nearly twenty years.  Lee continues to serve on the ASME National Board OF Safety, Codes, and Standards.

Lee’s high-rise projects read like the Who’s Who of tall buildings.  These projects include The Burj-Dubai, Petronas Towers-KL, Jin Mao-Shanghai, Bank of China and Two International Finance Center-HK, and Taipei 101, to name a few.  In addition to his high-rise efforts, Lee has designed façade access equipment for several unique architectural projects, including; Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Disney Concert Center-LA, Princeton Library-NJ, McCormick Place-Chicago, and Experience Music-Seattle.