Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat
Reports - Plenary & Other Presentation Highlights


Plenary 1: Tall Buildings and Sustainable Cities - Dubai, Chicago, London

The Opening Plenary of the Congress concentrated on urban-scale sustainability: what can city governments be doing to promote green cities at the necessary wider level than just buildings? The plenary focused on three cities that are taking both tall buildings and sustainability seriously: Chicago, London and Dubai.

Plenary 2: The World's Tallest: Burj Dubai

The Day 2 Plenary session focused on the building that was a large influencing factor in us locating the event in Dubai: the Burj Dubai. Already standing incredibly tall and slender under construction on the Sheikh Zayed skyline, the steel structure of the spire was starting to emerge from the 150+ floors of concrete construction below.

Plenary 3: Tall / Articulated / Sustainable Towers

Day 3 of the congress profiled some of the most significant recent advances in tall buildings around the world, in particular the trend towards non-orthogonal, articulated form in tall buildings which is perhaps best encapsulated in the title of the CTBUH 2006 Chicago conference: “Thinking Outside the Box: Tapered, Tilted, Twisted Towers”.

T13 - Alternative Design Thinking

Perhaps the best non-plenary session of the congress overall, certainly judging from delegate feedback, was the Day 3 session on ‘Alternative Design Approaches’ for tall buildings. We had convened the Principals of four high-profile practices who are doing innovative tall building work on both sides of the Atlantic to give their thoughts, and an overview of their work.

Other Presentation Highlights

Many of the world’s foremost thinkers in both tall buildings and urban sustainability spoke at the Congress, across three tracks that ran simultaneously. Though unfortunately it’s not possible to profile all of them here, this page shows some of the most important non-plenary contributions during the three days.