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Track 11 - Urban Redevelopment in India


Anil Hatkar,
Managing Director, Arc-Aids, Architl. & Allied Services, India

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Integrated Approach to Slum Redevelopment  
Abis Rizvi,
CEO, Rizvi Group, Mumbai

About 60 percent of Mumbai's population of 12 million are classified as urban poor and live in slums. A public-private partnership redevelopment model is being worked in Mumbai with mixed results. Redeveloping slums by giving them alternative accommodations in lieu of government incentives throws up some critical and sensitive issues of social, economic and cultural aspects of the slum dwellers. This presenter shares some of his deep insights on the humane and caring aspects of rehabilitating the dispossessed and offers integrated solutions that would benefit all the stakeholders in a win-win manner.

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Community as Partners in Urban Redevelopment   
Gautam Chatterjee,
CEO and Vice President, Mumbai Housing and Area Development Authority (MHADA) & Officer on Special Duty, Dharavi Redevelopment Project

The Dharavi Redevelopment project, under the Slum Rehabilitation Authority, is an attempt to convert a large informal settlement into an integrated township and its integration with the city of Mumbai. While built structures, aesthetics and economics have taken center stage for the planning, the prime stakeholders, namely the occupants of the affected project areas, have often been neglected as we condescendingly term them "beneficiaries". The presentation makes powerful argument in favour of making a paradigm shift in development mindset to consider making policies which are participatory in nature and treat occupants as equal partners in all stages of redevelopment, namely survey& documentation, planning & designing, implementation and post-occupation.

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Sustainable Cluster Vertical Neighborhood Development    
Sen Kapadia, Founder, Sen Kapadia Architect / Director KRV Institute for Conceptual Architecture, Mumbai

Sen is a proponent of Passive Solar Architecture and his practice actively pursues energy conscious design approach. His own studio uses no artificial light. As a member of government’s high power committee to propose redevelopment of vacant Mill land in Mumbai, he was exposed to vast piece of land in the middle of the city offering unique possibilities. His presentation on Mill Land proves the viability of Clustered Vertical development that suggests a new prototype by including various strata of population, development of alternate energy sources and creating a thriving vertical neighborhood. With aerial Linkages this module is replicable in vast Dockland yard land and other clusters of amalgamated land parcels in aging central Mumbai imploring to be transferred into new urban habitats.

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Track 11 Panel Questions and Answers

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