Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat

Track 12 - India – Multiple Complexities


Anand Gupta,
Hon. General Secretary, Builders Association of India

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Accelerating Development : Ways to Meet The Increasing Supply Gap  
Dharmesh Jain,
Vice-President, Confederation of Real Estate and Developer Association of India (CREDAI), Pune  

Accelerating development : Ways to meet the increasing supply gap.
The gap between the constructed houses and the ever increasing demands of housing is widening as incomes continue to grow. Strategies to accelerate the growth patterns using policy changes, land use rationalization, technical advancements and stakeholder driven designs and plans are the need of the hour. The presentation highlights the issues that confront the building scenario in India, not just in mega cities, but across the spectrum of urbanized areas. The desperate need to speed up the development process needs radical and visionary solutions and the presentation outlines the issues and throw light on some of the key elements of these responses.

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Time, Place and Identity   
Andrew Tindsley,
Director, BDP, London

People adapt to places and places need to adapt to change. Such transformations may be brought about by new technologies, demographics or land uses, but as in present day Mumbai, the forces at play are not always in harmony.  Positive change is of course possible and this presentation reflects on how by looking back as well as thinking forward we can understand what works (and what doesn’t) in creating a new vision. Whatever the nature of this vision, experience indicates that it should reflect on history and context, and be founded on the desires of its community to create a successful, sustainable environment with direction and opportunity.

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Remaking of The C-Ward    
Lalit Gandhi, Chairman, Remaking of Mumbai Federation, Mumbai
Mayank Gandhi, Secretary, Remaking of Mumbai Federation, Mumbai

This presentation emphasizes the clear strategy of rebuilding the inner city of Mumbai on self financing basis vide cluster approach. A CPMC (City Planning and Monitoring Company) is proposed on PPP (Public Private Partnership) concept to overcome the multiplicity of decision making. A detailed study of the issues, limitations and solutions for sustainable revamping of inner city of Mumbai is the crux of this presentation from the Remaking of Mumbai Federation.

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Track 12 Panel Questions and Answers

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