Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat

Track 16 - Architectural and Urban Advances


Robert Lau,
CTBUH, Chicago

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One Solution Does Not Fit All: Redeveloping the Urban Context 
Ming Zhang, Senior Partner / Design Director, Mulvanny G2 Architecture, USA

This presentation explores a variety of models for successfully redeveloping urban areas to increase environmental sustainability, while preserving historical and cultural integrity. In particular, two approaches were discussed: 1. Revitalize – rebuild the core of the city, and 2. Preserve – build around the core of the city preserving a historic downtown. Citing successful case studies in China and the U.S., Mr. Zhang took special note of the project’s context with regard to its geography and culture. The presentation shows how forward-thinking designs, that incorporate sustainable practices, can be uniquely inspired by local culture.

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Contextual Tall Buildings In India  
Kaizer Rangwala, Principal, Rangwala Associates / Chairman, Form-Based Codes Institute, California

The current climate, energy, and financial crises have brought a renewed focus on the creation and preservation of vibrant urbanism for its role in creating a sustainable environment.  The scale and design of tall buildings when proposed in an existing context warrants careful examination of the public realm: the design of the space between the buildings. Through case study examples across the globe, this presentation explores how tall buildings can be designed to be respectful to the vernacular ethos of the place and contribute to the vitality of street life.

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Place Making: Urban Design and the Tall Building   
Stephan Reinke, Director, Stephan Reinke Architects, London 

From  “The Social Life of Small Urban Spaces “ by  William Holly Whyte, to the recent acceptance that quality public realm can add real commercial value to tall building environments, the need to rigorously design great public spaces becomes increasing critical to the quality of our urban environments. This demand on the design community is important in all our towns and cities, and is crucial in emerging markets, and the rapid growth cities of South Asia, Asia and South America.  Sustainability, in environmental and commercial terms is the challenge. This presentation explores examples from mature and emerging markets, with a specific focus on tall building and high density environments.

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Track 16 Panel Questions and Answers

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