Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat

Track 17 - Construction and Facades


Raj Lakhani,
Managing Director, PERI (India) Private Limited, Mumbai

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Using of the Latest Technologies in Tall Building Design & Construction Planning 
Ahmad Abdelrazaq, Executive Vice President, Samsung C&T / Highrise & Complex Buildings, Seoul

Fresh from having completed the World’s Tallest Building – the Burj Dubai – we hear from the head of the high-rise building division of contractor Samsung on the use of the latest technological advances in the design and construction planning of supertall buildings while achieving the most economical and sustainable design. How are contractors handling the latest advances in tall and complex building systems to fast track the design and construction planning for supertall and complex buildings, and logistics in global markets, and in particular in locations with limited local infrastructure and resources?

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Dynamic Facades and Parametrics; Creating a New Vernacular?   
Peter Oborn, Deputy Chairman, Aedas Europe, London

Aedas presents their competition winning proposals for a new headquarters building for the Abu Dhabi Investment Council. The concept is derived from an algorithmic composition, which is informed by Islamic principles of design. This has been supplemented by the application of a dynamic translucent ‘mashrabiya’ which opens and closes in response to the movement of the sun, reducing solar gain by up to 20%. The resulting composition seeks to create a building which is both culturally and environmentally responsive, reflecting the aspirations of the brief while also respecting the emergent Abu Dhabi 2030 Plan.

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Tall and Supertall Buildings: Structure and Skin Performance   
Joe Burns,
Managing Principal, Thornton Tomasetti, Chicago

There are many challenges and opportunities in designing the structure and skin of high performing tall buildings.  Examples from different regions highlight responses to wind effects, building movements and tolerances.  BIM Modeling is a new tool to assist in evaluating performance and sustainability, as well as assist in constructability.  All of these suggest new areas of research to improve the performance and sustainability of tall buildings, which were included in this presentation from a structural engineer / architect with over 30 years expertise in the design of tall buildings.

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Track 17 Panel Questions and Answers

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