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Track 19 - Urban Case Studies

Track 19 Session Report

Jashwant Mehta,
Mehta Enterprises, Mumbai

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New Vertical Cities - The Spire at Ras Al Khaimah 
Philip Castillo, Senior Vice President, Murphy / Jahn, Chicago

We live in an urbanizing world, the dominant demographic trend of our time. Urbanization will require Architects and Planners to re-evaluate how our cities are planned and how buildings are designed. Tall buildings and vertical cities will play an ever-increasing role in urbanization. The Spire at Ras Al Khaimah is a totally new building type – a framework wherein the different uses are suspended and optimized. It is the integration and synthesis of Architecture and Engineering. This 875-meter high Vertical City contains programmed uses in distinct, easily understood and visible components - a new vision of the tall building.

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Dongtan: Green City in Sync with the Land   
Hyung Il Lee,
Senior Principal, Samoo Architects & Engineers, Seoul

The purpose of this presentation is not to show the existing way of design for new town complexes on suburban areas, but to suggest a new planning methodology  reflecting Korean culture and topography. The presentation focuses on the design and philosophies behind the design of the Dongtan-2 Newtown area, where 60% is composed of gently sloped hill and valleys running down from the mountains. The major concept of this master planning work starts with this topographic condition.

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Best and Worst Practices in Urbanization in the Philippines   
Felino Palafox, Principal, Palafox Associates, Phillipines 

Ideal urbanization is hard to qualify because of its instantaneous and site-specific character, but its identifiable patterns can be studied. It is not the case that if an urban planning strategy works in one place that it will work in another. This presentation explores this and some of the following, with particular reference to work in the Philippines: Social and structural imbalance; the Poly-centered city; Density; Egalitarian program; Transit-oriented Development. The Daniel Burnham Metro Manila Plan and the present day Metro Manila Philippines setting were studied in detail to identify trends from observable development patterns, best practices in the field and lessons learned from mistakes made.

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Track 19 Panel Questions and Answers

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