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Track 20 - Advances in Structural Engineering (II)


Chuck Besjak, Director / Structural Engineer, Skidmore Owings & Merrill, Chica

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Envisioning the Future: Building Design and Construction in the New Millennium 
Cary Kopczynski, CEO, Cary Kopczynski & Company, Seattle

The design and construction of large urban buildings is changing dramatically.  The use of BIM and Integrated Project Delivery is radically changing design offices; the same revolutionary events combined with improved construction materials and jobsite productivity is creating no less significant a metamorphosis on jobsites.  Combine this with the current worldwide shift from consumption to sustainability and it becomes clearly apparent that our industry is in the middle of massive change. This presentation shows that today’s designers can participate in a very exciting, impactful and positive worldwide revolution in urban building design and construction.

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Performance-Based Seismic Design   
Joe Maffei, Principal, Rutherford & Chekene, San Francisco
Satish Jain, 
Director, SJC Structural Engineers, San Jose

Tall buildings once a rarity in high seismic zones is becoming more common with the advent of modern technology and engineering practices. With demands for sleeker structural systems that offer more saleable space and elegance to tall towers, Performance based seismic design (PBD) not only realizes those demands but also offers rational solutions to seismic behavior that cannot be covered by linear analysis. India not yet exposed to PBD can gain a lot from this presentation that aims to cover basic theory, case-studies and ‘The tall building initiative’.

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Hybrid Solutions for Tall Buildings    
Matthew Esther, Associate Structural Engineer, W.S. Atkins Middle East, Dubai
Farshad Berahman, Senior Structural Engineer, W.S. Atkins Middle East, Dubai

Recent innovations in the design of tall buildings have evolved away from single material solutions, to the optimum design often being a concrete / steel hybrid. Atkins has made extensive use of large span steel trusses to pair concrete core walls and engaging these to act as mega-frames. This has the advantage of enhancing lateral stability despite the presence of high gravity loads on the transfer structures, resulting in large column free volumes, whilst resolving complex geometries often associated with modern high-rise architecture. In their presentation they showcased several projects emphasizing how those structural system complement the Architectural intent.

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Track 20 Panel Questions and Answers

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