Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat

Track 9 - New Cities: Asia and Middle East


Sabah Al-Rayes,
Senior Partner and Managing Director, PACE Construction, Kuwait

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Cities Within Cities 
Bernardo Fort-Brescia, FAIA,
Design Principal, Arquitectonica International Corporation, Miami  

This presentation discusses contemporary principles guiding the planning of new cities and neighborhoods, through the work of Arquitectonica.  The presenter  illustrates examples of recent master plans with particular emphasis in the Middle-East and Asian context. The presentation focuses on sustainability determinants.  These range from technical drivers such as energy efficiency to human factors that define quality of life. Based in Miami, Mr. Fort-Brescia offers a unique insight into subtropical environments and their impact on the planning of cities.

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The Future of Sustainable Urban Design on a Large Scale: Guangzhou   
Jeff Heller, Principal, Heller Manus Architects, San Francisco 

Recently, China’s central government has developed an advanced and progressive sustainable policy. Guangzhou, China’s third largest city, has made a commitment to aggressively adopting this program in order to redevelop its urban core. In this presentation we hear about the creation of an urban design plan to revamp a major section of Guangzhou’s central core. Covering 22 square kilometers, this master plan is significant as sustainability and green development will be incorporated throughout every aspect of the design. Mr Heller discusses the principal elements of this project and his thoughts on the future of sustainable planning and design worldwide.

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Sustainable World Cities: Shanghai Looking Forward    
Michel St Pierre, Director of Planning and Urban Design, Gensler, San Francisco / Shanghai

While the world notes Shanghai’s prosperity, the city’s vision may provide a model for other global cities to follow. The Shanghai 2010 expo theme emphasizes sustainability and livability. The challenge for Shanghai’s 21st Century planning and urban design includes creating urban forms and development patterns that are homegrown and design that takes into account geography, climate, culture, history and responsibility for the environment. This presentation outlines some of these plans, including the Puxi District Master Plan and the 632-meter, 128-storey mixed use Shanghai tower that is a part of this plan.

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Track 9 Panel Questions and Answers

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