Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat
Shanghai Congress Workshops | 上海全球大会研讨会
A number of CTBUH Working Groups held workshops the day before the CTBUH 9th World Congress to discuss their specific field in detail, and plan future working group outputs and initiatives. These meetings were open to attendance to all registered delegates of the Congress.

Building Information Modeling (BIM)

This working group has been established to enable a forum about the challenges and opportunities central to Building Information Modeling in the design and construction of tall buildings. Our new information-based systems are providing us new capabilities for design, production, and construction. Simultaneously, these new approaches are transforming conventional relationships.



Fire & Life Safety

This working group is concerned with leading the industry, globally, towards a consensus on designing safe buildings, taking account of modern forms of risk, when and where appropriate. Attendees at this workshop discussed what the group's next focus should be.



Outrigger Design

Outrigger systems have been widely used in supertall buildings constructed since the 1980s, eclipsing the tubular frame systems previously favored. However, the outrigger system is not listed as a seismic lateral load resisting system in any code, and design guidelines are not available. The guide on outrigger design was released, and plans for the next guides were discussed.



Research, Academic and Postgraduate

This working group aims to bring together all those who are undertaking formal, funded research in multi-disciplinary aspects of tall buildings internationally. The group aims to help coordinate that research, maximize output and analyze research gaps and possible future funding opportunities.



Seismic Design

In 2008, this working group released a guide that set out best practice for the seismic design of high-rise buildings for use in any seismic region of the world. This workshop was focused on performance based design for seismic engineering, bringing together relevant case studies and experts from around the world.



This working group set out to define and investigate the many aspects of the oft-used word "sustainability," in the context of tall buildings. In doing this, it sets out to dispel the myths associated with sustainability and determine exactly what the issues are and how they can be addressed. The guide on natural ventilation was released, and plans for the next guides were discussed.



Wind Engineering

The influence of wind engineering on today's supertall buildings cannot be overestimated. This group seeks to assist in the establishment of guidelines and standard formats for presenting the results of wind tunnel testing for better comparison and understanding of findings.


CTBUH Leaders and Global Representatives

CTBUH leaders and representatives from around the world gathered to discuss on-going initiatives and better ways to serve members and grow the Council. This workshop also served as an organizational meeting for the new City Representative program, which is extending CTBUH initiatives to a local level.