Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat
Press Coverage

The 2014 Conference media coverage extended months before and after the event, and supported healthy attendance by Chinese media outlets and foreign bureaus based in Shanghai. Several outlets published articles related to a report authored by CTBUH in advance of the Conference, “Is the Tall Building Boom Good for China?,” or published the report itself. A sample of the coverage is below. In addition, as the CTBUH Special Media Correspondent, Architects’ Newspaper Midwest editor Chris Bentley joined the conference and interviewed more than 40 delegates and speakers for the CTBUH video interview series.

媒体对于2014年会议的报道在会议召开前后分别持续了数月之久,尤其是中国媒体和驻上海的外国媒体通过参加会议来提供媒体支持。数家媒体发表了与CTBUH在会前公布的一份报告有关的文章,这份报告题为:“高层建筑的急速发展对中国是否有利?”,有些媒体则原文刊登了这份报告。下文为报道样例实例。另外,CTBUH的特别媒体合作伙伴Architects’ Newspaper的中西部地区编辑Chris Bentley参加了大会并采访了40多位会议代表与演讲者,并据此制作了CTBUH采访系列的视频。

December 22, Architect's Newspaper
Shanghai Talks: Mun Summ Wong of WOHA Architects

This Fall, Chris Bentley served as a special media correspondent for the 2014 CTBUH Conference in Shanghai. Among the many architects, engineers, and others he interviewed was Mun Summ Wong of Singapore-based WOHA.

12月22日, Architect's Newspaper
上海演讲: 黄文森,WOHA建筑事务所

今年秋天,Chris Bentley作为特邀媒体记者出席了2014年CTBUH上海会议。在众多的建筑师,工程师,以及其他专业人士当中,他采访了总部位于新加坡的WOHA建筑事务所的黄文森先生。

December 1, Time + Architecture
Towards Sustainable Vertical Urbanism

Based on a brief introduction of the CTBUH International Conference and an overview of the 2014 Shanghai Conference, the article introduces the speeches which revolved closely around the theme, "Towards Sustainable Vertical Urbanism."

12月1日, 时代建筑


31 October, WSP Group
Highlights From CTBUH 2014: We Make High-Rise Possible

WSP Group takes a moment to reflect on their participation in the 2014 CTBUH Conference in Shanghai, noting their leaders who gave presentations.

10月31日, WSP Group
CTBUH 2014年会议亮点:我们使高层建筑成为可能


30 October, The Guardian
China's Obsession With Vertical Cities

The Guardian interviews executive director Antony Wood and covers some of the takeaways from the Shanghai Conference regarding China’s vertical ambitions.

10月30日, 卫报


16 October, Architects' Newspaper
Shanghai Talks: How to Avoid Homogenous Skylines

Architects’ Newspaper’s Chris Bentley presents several of the interviews he conducted with industry professionals at the 2014 Shanghai Conference.

10月16日, Architects' Newspaper

Architects’ Newspaper的Chris Bentley报道了他在2014年上海会议中对业内专业人士进行的几次采访。

3 October, China Daily
Shanghai Tower Reaches for Sky and Record

China Daily cites CTBUH data, stating that by 2020, China is poised to have six of the world’s top 10 tallest skyscrapers.

10月3日, 中国日报


1 October, designboom
Clean Air Tower by Alexander Balchin Removes the Toxins from China

Designboom covers the CTBUH 2014 Student Design Competition winner, the Clean Air Tower, designed by Alexander Balchin from the University of Nottingham.

10月1日, 设计邦
Alexander Balchin所设计的空气净化塔可改善中国污染状况

设计帮介绍了CTBUH 2014年学生设计竞赛获奖者,即来自诺丁汉大学Alexander Balchin的空气净化塔设计方案。

30 September, Burnham Works
CTBUH: "Sustainable Vertical Urbanism" Achievable

Burnham Works features a synopsis, written by Editor Daniel Safarik, summarizing the second day’s plenary speakers at the Shanghai Conference.

9月20日, Burnham Works

Burnham Works 特别引用了主编Daniel Safarik对上海会议第二天全体会议发言人的摘要。

30 September, Architect's Newspaper
Talking Tall Buildings in Shanghai

The Architect’s Newspaper Blog provides a brief overview of the topics discussed at this year’s CTBUH International Conference in Shanghai.

9月30 日, Architect's Newspaper

Architect’s Newspaper的博客简要介绍了今年CTBUH上海国际会议上各个讨论主题。

22 September, Property OZ
Global Trends in Super-Tall Buildings

Property OZ covers Woods Bagot director Jeffrey Holmes’ speech during the Shanghai Conference, which addressed trends in contextual skyscraper design.

9月22日, Property OZ

Property OZ报道了Woods Bagot主管Jeffrey Holmes在上海会议上关于概念性摩天大楼设计趋势的演讲。

17 September, Azo Build
Dow Corning Experts to Participate in CTBUH 2014 International Conference

Azo Build covers the contributions that Dow Corning sustainable building experts made at the 2014 Conference in Shanghai.

9月17日, Azo Build

Azo Build 报道了来自道康宁可持续建筑领域的专家在2014年上海会议的支持和参与。

11 September, ArchDaily
CTBUH Announces Five Finalists in its Student Competition

ArchDaily provides an in-depth look at the CTBUH Student Design Competition and focuses on the unique aspects of each submission.

9月11日, ArchDaily

ArchDaily 深入剖析了CTBUH学生设计竞赛,并对每一个提交项目都发表了独到的见解。

10 September, Architects' Journal
Nottingham students shortlisted for skyscraper prize

Architects’ Journal covers the five finalists of the CTBUH 2014 Student Design Competition, the winner of which will be chosen at the 2014 Conference.

9月10日, Architects' Journal

Architects’ Journal 公布了CTBUH2014年学生设计竞赛的五位入围者名单,最终获奖者将会在2014年大会上选出。

21 August, NZWeek
Skyscraper Fever

NZWeek covers the skyscraper boom in China, citing CTBUH data that helps quantify the phenomenon.

8月21日, NZWeek


11 August, China Newsweek
Ambitious Skyscrapers: Tall Buildings in the Context of China

China Newsweek speaks with Executive Director Antony Wood, who shares his insight about tall building trends in China and recent CTBUH activities in the region.

8月11日, 中国新闻周刊


25 July, China Daily
Sky-High Building Boom Sprouts in Nation

China Daily Asia covers the skyscraper boom in China and interviews Executive Director Antony Wood, who gives historical insight into the phenomenon.

7月25日, 中国日报


23 July, Bloomberg
Skyscraper Mania Grips China as Ambitions Trump Economy

Bloomberg covers the Chinese skyscraper boom, asking Executive Director Antony Wood about the balance between tall ambitions and economic realities.

7月23日, 彭博社
摩天大楼热潮席卷中国 野心胜过经济