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Waterfall-Inspired Tower Planned for 77 Hope Street in South Brisbane

Brisbane, Australia – 10 April 2017

Brisbane-based Aria Property Group has submitted a new development application (DA) for a striking 33-story residential tower at 77 Hope Street in south Brisbane, inspired by Queensland’s rainforests and sub-tropical climate.

The design by Koichi Takada Architects fosters all elements of Brisbane City Council’s “Buildings that Breathe” guidelines and boasts hanging gardens and overflowing planters that creep up the sides of the building.

The project’s signature feature will be a 118-meter (33-level) waterfall that runs the full length of the western elevation of the tower. Water will start on the rooftop pool deck and slowly cascade down the tower via glass panels, visually dividing the building into two parts. As the waterfall reaches the podium of the tower, just like a natural waterfall, the water will dissipate with a misting affect created on the podium green walls and ground level planting.

The podium misting feature will assist in the maintenance of the plants, as well as provide a visual clue to the water features in the design. The misting will carry down to the public domain, creating a cooling effect for pedestrians and visitors to the retail section of the development. 

Both the waterfall and green walls will be illuminated at night, creating constant moving and dancing light as it bounces off the water.

The majority of the tower’s 216 apartment units will face northeast towards the city and enjoy cross ventilation. An open and natural ventilated western corridor allows access to most of the residences. This naturally ventilated corridor reduces energy consumption on an otherwise temperature controlled area. Natural ventilation makes for a healthy building environment and contributes to sustainable building initiatives.

For more on this story, go to Brisbane Development.

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