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CTBUH in the Media

This section tracks interviews and articles conducted by the Council as well as significant use of, or reference to, CTBUH-generated tall building facts in the international media.

In 2015 we launched an enhanced version of the In the Media section and are in the process of moving historical articles over to this system. For now you may browse older articles by visiting the Pre-2015 Archive.

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Year in Review Report Interpreted by CTBUH China Office Director


14 Feb 2017, South China Morning Post

In a discussion with the South China Morning Post, CTBUH China Office Director Daniel Safarik discussed the implications of the data revealed by the CTBUH’s annual Year in Review report on future Chinese tall building development. Read more.

International Media Picks Up CTBUH 2016 Year in Review


01 Feb 2017, World Media

CTBUH has once-again compiled its annual report on skyscraper construction in which 2016 saw the completion of 128 200-meter-plus buildings. Naturally, this record-breaking year in tall building development received global coverage. Read more.

CTBUH Research Paper Informs Discussion on London’s Upcoming Second-Tallest Tower


30 Nov 2016, BisNow

A paper by Eric Parry, presented at the CTBUH 2016 International Conference, was used to inform a discussion on the recently approved No. 1 Undershaft, highlighting in detail the project's prioritization of public amenities. Read more.

CTBUH Inspires Conversation on Feasibility of Future Giants


20 Oct 2016, ConstructConnect

According to the CTBUH, we are entering into the era of the “megatall." Currently, there are only three such structures, but by 2020, that number is estimated to at least double. ConstructConnect discusses the feasibility of future giants. Read more.

International Media Picks Up CTBUH’s Twisting Tall Buildings Study


18 Aug 2016, World Media

The latest report from the CTBUH has revealed that there are now 28 skyscrapers with twisted structures that have either been built or are under construction. This report has received international coverage, sampled here. Read more.

CTBUH Conference Speaker and Seed Funding Recipient Discusses Manhattan’s Skyscrapers


18 Aug 2016, The Economist

A book by Jason Barr, a previous CTBUH seed funding recipient and a speaker for the upcoming CTBUH 2016 International Conference in China, was recently reviewed in an article by The Economist. Read more.

CTBUH Research Paper Frames Discussion on Linear Greenways


30 May 2016, The Globe and Mail

BuroHappold Engineering’s Kate Ascher and Sabina Uffer's research paper on New York's High Line, which was first released at the 2015 CTBUH International Conference held in New York City, is helping Vancouver realize a similar project. Read more.

Media Sources Pick Up CTBUH Calls for Submissions


11 Apr 2016, Architects' Datafile

The CTBUH is requesting submissions for its Student Research and International Student Tall Building Design Competitions, as well as for its Vertical Futures Research Study. Architects’ Datafile picked up the announcement. Read more.

Groundbreaking CTBUH Research Publication Receives Review from Daily Commercial News


11 Mar 2016, Daily Commercial News

Daily Commercial News wrote a thoughtful review of a CTBUH publication concerned with the life cycle implications for tall building structural systems – produced by Executive Director Antony Wood and Research Manager Dario Trabucco. Read more.

Media Round-Up: CTBUH Year in Review 2015


08 Feb 2016, World Media

The Council’s annual Year in Review research report garnered extensive worldwide media coverage. According to the report, 2015 was the most active year on record for buildings of 200 meters or more. Read more.