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CTBUH in the Media

This section tracks interviews and articles conducted by the Council as well as significant use of, or reference to, CTBUH-generated tall building facts in the international media.

In 2015 we launched an enhanced version of the In the Media section and are in the process of moving historical articles over to this system. For now you may browse older articles by visiting the Pre-2015 Archive.

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CityLab Evaluates CTBUH's Study on Urban Sustainability


15 Dec 2017, CityLab

A City Lab article evaluated CTBUH's recent study on Urban Sustainability, focusing on how the research challenged long-held beliefs about the sustainability of urban and suburban lifestyles. Read more.

Architectural Digest Shares Data from CTBUH's Tall Buildings 2017 Year in Review


14 Dec 2017, Architectural Digest

Architectural Digest shared data collected in CTBUH's Tall Buildings 2017 Year in Review, which found 2017 to be a record year for tall-building construction. Read more.

Newsweek Reports on CTBUH's Tall Buildings 2017 Year in Review


13 Dec 2017, Newsweek

Newsweek reported on CTBUH's Tall Buildings 2017 Year in Review, which documented all 144 skyscrapers erected this year. Read more.

CNBC Chats with CTBUH Editor Daniel Safarik About Ropeless Elevators


13 Dec 2017, CNBC

CNBC's Magdalena Petrova spoke with CTBUH Editor Daniel Safarik about the MULTI rope-less elevator, which can move both horizontally and vertically. Read more.

Curbed Summarizes Findings from CTBUH Tall Buildings 2017 Year in Review


13 Dec 2017, Curbed

Curbed summarized the key findings from the CTBUH 2017 "Year in Review," which found that more buildings 200 meters tall or greater were finished in 2017 than any other year on record. Read more.

CNN Examines CTBUH Tall Buildings 2017 Year in Review


13 Dec 2017, CNN

CNN interviewed CTBUH Skyscraper Database Editor Shawn Ursini about the findings from the CTBUH 2017 "Year in Review," which tracked this year's skyscraper completions. Read more.

SmartCitiesWorld Discusses CTBUH's New "Landmark Study" on Urban Sustainability


07 Dec 2017, SmartCitiesWorld

SmartCitiesWorld shared the findings from CTBUH's new study, which compares the sustainability of people’s lifestyles across various urban and suburban settings in the Chicago metropolitan area. Read more.

Elite Agent Reports on CTBUH Pilot Study on Urban Sustainability


06 Dec 2017, Elite Agent

Elite Agent has published a report on CTBUH's 2017 pilot study, "Dense Downtown vs. Suburban Dispersed: A Pilot Study on Urban Sustainability." Read more.

Antony Wood Discusses US Housing Problems and Solutions With CGTN America

01 Dec 2017, CGTN America

CTBUH Executive Director Antony Wood spoke with CGTN’s Susan Roberts about housing issues for those living in substandard homes that have serious health and safety hazards. Read more.

CTBUH Sets The Record Straight on Willis Tower Height


28 Nov 2017, Chicago Tribune

Chicago Tribune Architecture Critic Blair Kamin cited the CTBUH in a piece reviewing a number of architecture publications. Read more.