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2016.10.24, 腾讯房产

今天,在这座被誉为“羊城之巅”的综合商业建筑里,香港新世界发展有限公司(简称新世界发展) 为公众呈现荟萃了精神世界与感官世界的国际艺术盛典——“CTBUH 2016全球高峰会暨《筑INSPIRATION壹ASPIRATION》新书发布会”。

October 24, Tencent House
CTBUH Global Summit was held in Guangzhou

Today, New World Development Company Limited has held the “CTBUH Global Summit and the press conference of Inspiration & Aspiration”, presenting a feast of spiritual and sensory world in the mixed-used skyscraper honored with the title of “the Top of Guangzhou”.

2016.10.14, 深圳晚报
探讨高密度城市 正负面影响


October 14, Shenzhen Evening News
Discuss the Positive and Negative Influences of High-density City

Hosted by the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat, the “CTBUH 2016 International Conference” will be held in China’s Pearl River Delta region in mid-October.”Cities to Megacities: Shaping Dense Vertical Urbanism” is the theme of the conference. Except discussing the positive and negative influences caused by high-density, vertical growth and construction of intensively shared urban architectures, which are all developed in China’s Pearl River Delta region or even worldwide, the conference will also introduce information of the latest best practices of global skyscrapers and urban design field. It will also reveal the real impacts caused by urbanization and vertical growth. It is the first time in history for CTBUH to hold international conferences in three different cities.

2016.8.1, 中国日报
CTBUH 2016年国际会议——“从城市到巨型城市:构建高密度的城市垂直主义”

香港、深圳和广州2016年8月1日电 /美通社/ --由世界高层建筑与都市人居学会(CTBUH)举办“CTBUH2016国际会议”将于十月中旬于中国珠三角举行,主题为“从城市到巨型城市:构建高密度的垂直城市主义”

August 1, China Daily
CTBUH 2016 International Conference -- "Cities to Megacities: Shaping Dense Vertical Urbanism".

Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Guangzhou, August 1st, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Hosted by the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat, the "CTBUH 2016 International Conference" will be held in China's Pearl River Delta in mid-October. "Cities to Megacities: Shaping Dense Vertical Urbanism" is the theme of the 2016 Conference.

2016.06.24, Archdaily

世界高层建筑与都市人居学会(Council on Tall Building and Urban Habitat )公布了第15届CTBUH最佳高层建筑奖项。超过100座提名建筑中评选出了四个大区的最佳建筑,包括美洲、亚洲&大洋洲、欧洲以及中东&非洲四个部分,同时颁发的还有城市人居奖、创新奖、建筑效能奖以及10年特别奖。CTBUH 之后还将从四个区域的优胜者中评选出世界最佳高层建筑。

June 24, Archdaily
“The Best Tall Building Award” has been announced and Shanghai Tower named as “ Best Tall Building in Asia”.

The Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat(CTBUH) announced the 15th CTBUH Best Tall Building Award. The best buildings of four regions, including Americas, Asia & Australasia, Europe and Middle East & Africa, were selected from over 100 nominated buildings. Urban Habitat Award, Innovation Award, Performance Award and Ten Years Award were announced in the meantime. CTBUH will choose the Best Tall Building Award from the winners of four regions.

2016.05.25, 深圳建设网

5月19日下午,世界高层建筑与都市人居学会(CTBUH)执行理事长安东尼•伍德(Antony Wood)到访华阳国际深圳总部,集团副总裁薛升伟接待了安东尼•伍德的来访。今年10月,CTBUH会议将在中国珠江三角洲周边的三个城市依次开展:深圳,广州和香港,会议将聚焦“巨型城市:构建高密度的垂直城市主义”。

May 25, Shenzhen Construction Network
Antony Wood, the executive director of CTBUH, visited CAPOL.

On the afternoon of May 19th, Anthony Wood, the executive director of the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH), visited the headquarters of CAPOL in Shenzhen companied by Shengwei Xue the vice president of CAPOL. In October this year, CTBUH conferences will be held in three around cities of the Pearl River Delta in China: Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Hongkong, the theme of the conferences will be focused on “Mega Cities: Shaping Dense Vertical Urbanism”.

2016.05.14, 澎湃新闻


May 14, Surging News
“China Tall Building Award” has been announced. Industry insiders considered that the update of functions of the tall buildings should be paid more attention.

On May 13th, Shanghai Bund SOHO was named “China Best Tall Building Overall” in the first China Tall Building Overall Award conference. A hundred and six 200-meter-plus skyscrapers have been built in 2015 in the whole world, 62 of them are located in China, which won the champion for eight consecutive years, compared with only two in the USA. However, a number of industry insiders show more concerns about this phenomenon and appeal that  ”building high-rises is not the competition of physical height, but the comprehensive considerations of investment, technique, management, marketing and environment and pays attention to the updating of functions”.

2016.04.29, 澎湃新闻

斯特拉斯堡大教堂有230年的时间(1647–1874年)都是欧洲建筑的高度担当。不过,现代意义上的摩天大楼与之不同。世界高层建筑与都市人居学会(CTBUH)将高度超过300米的建筑定义为“超高层建筑”,又称“摩天大楼”。  其高度中必须有超过50%的部分属于使用楼层面积。

April 29, Surging News
Talking about the skyscrapers by data|Over the past 80 years, the height of the world's tallest building has increased by 510 meters.

Cathedral Notre-Dame has been the representative of the height among European architectures for 230 years (1647-1874), while the skyscraper in modern sense is quite different with it. The Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH) defines 300-metre-plus buildings as “super high-rise buildings”, also known as “skyscrapers”. More than 50% of their height must belongs to functional floor areas.

2016.03.11, 建筑论坛


March 11, Architecture bbs
The Number of World Completed Super Tall Buildings in 2015 Sets a Record

According to an annually report of CTBUH, there were 106 super tall buildings with 200-meter-plus height completed in 2015. This is the year with the most completed super tall buildings in the history. 13 of them are taller than 300m. This is anothermilestone for the number of super tall buildings.

2016.03.02, 中华建设网


March 2, China Construction Network
The Winners of Chinese Tall Building are Announced

The Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat and China International Exchange Committee for Tall Buildings announced the list of 2016 CITAB-CTBUH China Tall Building Awards.

2016.02.17, 文汇报

近日,一則高樓協會(Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat)發佈的年度報告引起關注。另據人民網報道,報告顯示,內地以建成62座的驚人紀錄,連續第8年蟬聯全球新建高樓年度數目榜冠軍,遠超其他國家。而在全球新建高樓最多的城市裡,印尼的雅加達以7座排在第一,中國江蘇南京、廣西南寧及深圳以每城5座緊隨其後。

February 17, Wen Wei Po
The Number of New Tall Buildings in Mainland Retains the First Place in the World for Eight years

Recently, an annual report of Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat causes public concerns. According to People Daily, the report indicates that the mainland, which has 62 new buildings this year, retains first place of the number list of new tall buildings in the world, exceeding other countries a lot. Among cities which have the largest number of new tall buildings in the world, Jakarta in Indonesia ranked first with 7 buildings, followed by Nanjing, Guangxi, and Shenzhen with 5 buildings in each city.

2016.01.25, 华尔街见闻
2015年中国新建高楼冠绝全球 其意味着经济衰退?

根据高楼协会(Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat)近日发布的年度报告,上海中心大厦(Shanghai Tower)以632米(2073.5英尺)的高度,成为2015年全球新建成的最高建筑,目前排名世界第二高建筑。世界第一高楼仍为迪拜哈利法塔(828米)。

January 25, Wallstreetcn
Does It Indicate Economic Recession Since China Owns the Tallest and Most Skyscrapers Completed in 2015?

According to the recent research of Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat(CTBUH), the Shanghai Tower with 623 meters height becomes the tallest building completed in 2015 and the second tallest building in the world now. However, the Burj Khalifa Tower(828m) is still the tallest building in the world.

2016.01.22, 好奇心日报

如果我们把超过200米的建筑定义为“高楼”的话,2015年是人类历史上新建成高楼最多的一年,这一年有106座高楼建成。数据来自世界高层建筑与都市人居学会(the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat,简称CTBUH)一年一度关于全球高楼的报告。报告总结2015年是“摩天大楼持续猛增”的一年。

January 22, Q Daily
Last Year was the Year Which Most Tall Buildings were completed in the History, 60% of them Located in China

If we define the “tall building” as a building more than 200m tall, 2015 is the year in which most tall buildings were completed in the history. Based on the data from annually report of CTBUH, there were 106 tall buildings completed in 2015. The report concluded 2015 as a year of “the number of skyscrapers soaring”.

2016.01.07, 人民网
外媒盘点2016年全球十大新建摩天楼 6座属中国(组图)

据英国《卫报》1月6日报道,美国高层建筑与城市住宅委员会(Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat)近日盘点了将于2016年建成的世界十大摩天大楼,其中有6座属于中国。《卫报》直接以“中国崛起”来命名了这组图。

January 7,
Foreign Media Listed 10 of the Newly Completed Skyscrapers in the world in 2016, six of which located in China.

According to the Guardian’s report on 6th January, Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat listed 10 of the newly completed skyscrapers in the world in 2016, six of which located in China. Guardian named this picture directly as “the Rise of China”.

2015.12.18, 新华网


December 12, Xinhua Net
Tao Zhu Yin Yuan Wins the International Award

Tao Zhu Yin Yuan, an energy-saving building produced by Core Pacific Group and its branch BES Engineering Corporation and The federation of industry and commerce of Asia Pacific, has won “2015 CTBUH Innovation Award” for Taiwan due to its excellent innovative performance after nominated as “World Building of the Year” in 2015 World Architecture Festival.  CCTV Headquarters, Hong Kong International Commerce Centre and Taipei 101 have won this award before.

2015.11.19, 筑龙网

世界高层都市建筑学会(CTBUH)将2015年年度世界最佳高层建筑奖颁给了Stefano Boeri设计的Bosco Verticale大厦。据世界高层都市建筑学会(CTBUH)的推特所言,“因为它实现了立体绿化。”

November 19,
The 2015 Best Tall Building Award Has Been Announced

Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat has announced Bosco Verticale designed by Stefano Boeri as the winner of 2015 Best Tall Building Award. As the official twitter said, ”it has truly realized vertical greening.”

2015.10.28, 中国知网


October 18,
CTBUH Nominates 2015 Best Tall Building Award

The Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat has announced the finalists for the 2015 Best Tall Building Award and winners in four regions. CTBUH Awards aim to have an independent review and evaluation of new projects, while presenting these important buildings in a more integrated and detailed perspective and promoting achievements in all aspects of the buildings’ operational processes, especially the significant positive impact on people already inhabited in the buildings and cities in which they are located.



August 7, NewsCCN|Design
Turning Torso wins CTBUH’s 10 Year Award

CTBUH Gives 2015 10 Year Award to Sweden’s Turning Torso.


世界高层建筑与都市人居学会(CTBUH) 近日公布了2015年度都市人居奖的最终获奖作品。

July 28,
CTBUH announces Urban Habitat Award Winner

CTBUH recently announced the winner of the 2015 Urban Habitat Award.



July 17, Tongji News
Tongji Press, CTBUH Signs Publishing Agreement

This agreement covers the proceedings and several books related to the 2016 CTBUH International Conference and marked the beginning of several anticipated publishing agreements between the two organizations.



July 16,
CAF Launches Open Competition for New Chicago Headquarters

CAF has launched an open international ideas competition for a facility that will include a new headquarters, visitor center and exhibition space for CAF; a new headquarters CTBUH; a design and allied arts high school; and flexible learning spaces for out-of-school-time youth programs.



July 6, Souhu
Which Building is the Highest: How Many Skyscrapers have been Built?

The author referred CTBUH Height Criteria in this article.



June 25, Architectural Society of China
CTBUH Releases Finalists for the 2015 CTBUH Best Tall Building Awards

The Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH) recently announced the 4 best tall buildings of the year.



June 5, 
Architect @ Work 2015 Shanghai Exhibition

CTBUH will host a panel discussion entitled “Greening the Vertical Habitat” at the exhibition.



April 7, Tongji News
CTBUH launches New China Office in Tongji University

The Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH) launched its new China Office (Asian Headquarters) at the College of Architecture and Urban Planning, Tongji University.



February 16, Sina News
Washington Monument Shrinks by 10 Inches Following Measurement Update

Per CTBUH criteria, new measurements show that the Washington Monument is 10 inches shorter than previously thought. 



February 2, Wangyi News
A new era of tall: 13 skyscrapers added to the 100 Tallest Buildings list in 2014

According to new research from the CTBUH, at least 97 200m+ buildings were completed in 2014.



January 19, Wangyi News
97 Skyscrapers were Completed in the World Last Year and 58 of Them were in China

According to the “CTBUH Year in Review: Tall Trends of 2014,” in the past year, 97 200m+ buildings were completed and 58 of them were in China.



January 15,
2014—TheTallest Year By Far for Skyscrapers

The Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH) published its 2014 Year In Review, a statistic-laden round-up that makes you wonder how much taller skyscrapers can possibly get.



January 15,
97 Skyscrapers were Completed in 2014 and 60% of them were in China

According to new research from the CTBUH, in 2014 97 200m+ buildings were completed and 60% of them were in China.


新鸿基地产(新地)旗下的环球贸易广场(ICC)荣获总部设于美国芝加哥并专门研究摩天大厦的国际权威组织——CTBUH 颁发的2014年建筑表现大奖。

January 8, Sina House
ICC Wins Inaugural CTBUH Performance Award

International Commerce Centre (ICC), under Sun Hung Kai Properties (SHKP), has won the inaugural Performance Award from CTBUH.

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