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The CTBUH Global News Archive is the primary place to get all the latest news on tall buildings, urban development and sustainable construction from around the world. The CTBUH also disseminates this information via our Monthly e-Newsletter, CTBUH Journal, and through books and reports. To view news for a certain category or time period, please use the links on the left side menu.

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Glass Elevator to Rise in London’s Battersea Power Station Chimney


05 Nov 2018, London, United Kingdom

New images have been released of a glass elevator and event space slated to open in London’s renovated Battersea Power Station. The proposed refurbishment will also include offices, retail, apartments, and a 60-room hotel. Read more.

Architecture Firm Selected to Design Bank’s New Headquarters in New York City


31 Oct 2018, New York City, United States

An architecture firm has been selected to design a bank’s new headquarters in New York City. The high-rise is set to replace the company’s current office tower, which will become the world’s tallest conventionally demolished building to date. Read more.

Plan Unveiled to Retrofit Milan Office Tower


20 Sep 2018, Milan, Italy

PLP Architecture has unveiled €160 million ($188.2 million) plans to breathe new life into a 1962 office tower in Milan that has lain empty for years. The retrofit will result in lower energy consumption. Read more.

Holiday Inn Hotel to Open in Riga’s Preses Nams Tower in 2022


19 Sep 2018, Riga, Latvia

A prominent hospitality brand has signed an agreement to open a hotel in Riga’s Preses Nams tower. The 280-room facility, which is planned to launch in 2022, will include a restaurant, conference hall, and fitness center. Read more.

London’s Finsbury Tower to be Redeveloped


18 Sep 2018, London, United Kingdom

Plans have been announced for the redevelopment of an existing 15-story office building in London’s tech district into a 29-story mixed-use structure with more contemporary accommodations. Read more.

Chicago’s Willis Tower Base Renovation Name, Tenants Announced


17 Sep 2018, Chicago, United States

The owners of Chicago’s Willis Tower have revealed that its nearly 28,000 square-meter podium addition will be called “Catalog,” in recognition of the tower’s original developer, Sears, Roebuck & Company. Read more.

Designs for St. Julian’s Heritage Mercury House Renovation Unveiled


06 Aug 2018, St. Julian's, Malta

An architecture firm has released plans for the renovation of a historic structure in St. Julian’s, Malta, and the redevelopment of the building’s 9,405-square-meter site, including the creation of a new public piazza. Read more.

Seattle’s Space Needle Debuts Rotating Glass Floor


06 Aug 2018, Seattle, United States

A revolving glass floor has debuted at the 152-meter level of Seattle’s Space Needle. Renovations of the 184-meter tower, which was first constructed for the 1962 World’s Fair, also include 24 slanted glass benches at the observation deck level. Read more.

New Podium Reanimates Block of Toronto’s St. James Town Rental Towers


01 Aug 2018, Toronto, Canada

A 43-story mixed-use tower redevelopment has reached completion and opened for occupation in Toronto’s St. James Town neighborhood. The project incorporates a new podium, retail space, and a supermarket. Read more.

Two Towers Proposed to Replace Office Building in Sydney’s St Leonards Precinct


10 Jul 2018, Sydney, Australia

A developer has proposed building two high-rises in St Leonards, a suburb north of Sydney. The towers would rise 63 and 45 stories, and could contain as many as 1,187 new units. The redevelopment could also include office space. Read more.

Renovated Tokyo Hotel Planned to Reopen in 2019


25 Jun 2018, Tokyo, Japan

A luxury hotel, featuring a refurbished 17-story wing and a new 41-story tower, is set to reopen in Tokyo in 2019. The complex will include 508 rooms, a large Japanese-style garden, and a small museum. Read more.

Major Automaker to Rehab Detroit's Michigan Central Station


19 Jun 2018, Detroit, United States

The long-abandoned Michigan Central Station in Detroit has been purchased by a major automaker and is set to become part of a new technology center. The 18-story building was once the tallest train station in the world. Read more.

Retrofitted Building in Madrid to Feature Stainless Steel Façade


11 Jun 2018, Madrid, Spain

A 121-meter high-rise with 32 floors in Madrid is undergoing a major retrofit. The refurbished building will feature a new stainless-steel façade, while maintaining the original composition of the structure. Read more.

Portsmouth Residents to Leave Large Panel System Blocks Following Safety Concerns


07 Jun 2018, Portsmouth, United Kingdom

The Portsmouth Council has made the decision to move all 800 residents out of two 18-story apartment blocks, Leamington House and Horatia House, after structural surveys revealed the concrete was not as strong as expected. Read more.

Dubai's Address Downtown Opens Doors After Two-Year Closure


04 Jun 2018, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

The 63-story Address Downtown has completed renovations and reopened, after a fire damaged the building in 2016. The revamped hotel features a new interior, additional rooms and suites, and a lounge bar on the top floor. Read more.

Planned Observation Deck at Chicago’s Aon Center to Feature Thrill Ride


15 May 2018, Chicago, United States

The owners of the Aon Center, Chicago’s third-tallest skyscraper, unveiled plans for an observation deck atop the building that would include a thrill ride called Sky Summit. A new elevator tower would raise the official height of the building. Read more.

London’s Barbican Rooftop Conservatory to be Overhauled


14 May 2018, London, United Kingdom

The City of London gave permission for the overhaul of the rooftop terrace of Cromwell Tower, a Brutalist tower built in 1973. City planners decided that the changes would not alter the distinctive silhouette of the tower. Read more.

London’s Grenfell Tower Refurbishment Fueled Fire, Draft Report Claims


17 Apr 2018, London, United Kingdom

A report commissioned by the Metropolitan Police Investigators in London found that the recladding of Grenfell Tower failed to meet standards set out in the building regulation covering fire safety, and therefore helped spread the fire. Read more.

Automaker May Buy Detroit’s Abandoned Michigan Central Station


22 Mar 2018, Detroit, United States

An automaker is in discussion to purchase the dilapidated Michigan Central Station in Detroit’s Corktown neighborhood. A redevelopment of the depot would be one of the most expensive local undertakings in recent history. Read more.

Japan’s Tallest Building Unveils Open-Air, Rooftop Attraction Overlooking Osaka


09 Mar 2018, Osaka, Japan

An open-air attraction atop Japan’s tallest building, the 300-meter Abeno Harukas building, has been unveiled. Called “Edge at Harukas,” the sky deck provides views of Osaka from a 20-meter-long ledge where visitors are tethered to the building. Read more.

Investment Firm Consolidates Four Sites for Major Brisbane Development


01 Mar 2018, Brisbane, Australia

A proposal for the refurbishment of three buildings and construction of a 39-story tower has been submitted to the Brisbane City Council by developer Cardno on behalf of the Queensland government’s investment arm. Read more.

Detroit’s Leland Hotel to be Renovated


29 Jan 2018, Detroit, Untied States

The former Leland Hotel in downtown Detroit is expected to undergo a $120 million-plus renovation that will convert the building into a mix of 339 affordable and market-rate apartments and add a 650-space parking deck. Read more.

Detroit’s Monroe Blocks Project to Preserve National Theatre Façade


03 Jan 2018, Detroit, United States

The developers of the Monroe Blocks project in downtown Detroit have released conceptual drawings for its proposed incorporation of the vacant National Theatre into their $800 million redevelopment. Read more.

Dubai's Jumeirah Beach Hotel to Undergo Major Renovations in 2018


06 Dec 2017, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Jumeirah Beach Hotel in Dubai will be shutting its doors for a few months next year while it undergoes major renovations from mid-May to early October 2018. The hotel will relaunch in time for its 21st anniversary celebration in December 2018. Read more.

Paris’ Tour Montparnasse Set to Receive "Green Makeover"


20 Sep 2017, Paris, France

Following years of calls for a revamp, a French design studio has been selected to give the Tour Montparnasse skyscraper a green makeover. The project is slated to complete in time for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. Read more.

North Korea Gives Makeover to World’s Tallest Unoccupied Building


01 Aug 2017, Pyongyang, North Korea

After years of stalled construction, Pyongyang recently unveiled the newly renovated Ryugyong Hotel: a pyramid-shaped building that is both the capital's biggest landmark, and what is believed to be the world's tallest unoccupied building. Read more.

One Clearlake Centre Receives New Owner in West Palm Beach


24 Jul 2017, West Palm Beach, United States

A real estate investment company has purchased One Clearlake Centre – an 18-story, 218,461-square-foot (20,300-square-meter) Class-A office tower. Renovations include new public spaces and multiple spec suites. Read more.

San Francisco’s Millennium Tower Sinks Another Inch But There Could be a Fix


21 Jul 2017, San Francisco, United States

The Millennium Tower in San Francisco has sunk another inch in the past seven months, but on the brighter side, engineers have found a potential fix, which would entail drilling new piles down to bedrock from the building's basement. Read more.

Life Returns to Michigan Central Station in Detroit for First Time in Decades


20 Jul 2017, Detroit, United States

For the first time in decades, a private event will be held in the long-vacant Michigan Central Station. Over $8 million has already been spent on renovations, and further construction is planned for the near future. Read more.

Ho Chi Minh City’s Thuan Kieu Plaza Receives Makeover, May Open Again This September


28 Jun 2017, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

The 1999-built, three-tower Thuan Kieu Plaza complex is receiving a makeover. Locals reported seeing progress in an effort to rejuvenate the buildings, starting with a completely new coat of green paint on the exterior of each tower. Read more.