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The CTBUH Global News Archive is the primary place to get all the latest news on tall buildings, urban development and sustainable construction from around the world. The CTBUH also disseminates this information via our Monthly e-Newsletter, CTBUH Journal, and through books and reports. To view news for a certain category or time period, please use the links on the left side menu.

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Combustible Materials to be Banned on New High-Rise Buildings in the UK


02 Oct 2018, London, United Kingdom

The UK government has announced that cladding made of combustible materials is banned on new construction and projects currently under construction above 18 meters. The ban will not apply retroactively to already-constructed projects. Read more.

Orlando Could be Getting New Tallest Skyscraper


02 Oct 2018, Orlando, United States

A developer has filed a master plan with the city for a 450-foot (137-meter) tower with 41 stories, which could be Orlando’s new tallest skyscraper. The tower would have mixed residential, retail, office and commercial space. Read more.

Adelaide Considers Application to Build Tall Student Housing Tower


02 Oct 2018, Adelaide, Australia

Plans to build what could be the world’s tallest student-only accommodation are under review in Adelaide’s CBD. The tower would stand at 124.2 meters tall with 38 stories and would have 510 beds. Read more.

Construction Underway on Twisted Tower in Mexico’s San Andrés Cholula


01 Oct 2018, San Andrés Cholula, Mexico

Construction on the concrete core of a 143-meter project in San Andrés Cholula, Mexico, has been completed. The residential high-rise’s design resembles a propeller, which suspends 30 percent of each floor in the air. Read more.

Global Hotel Brand to Open in Miami’s Proposed Next Tallest


01 Oct 2018, Miami, United States

A prominent hotel brand is planned to open in a new 316-meter tower planned for Miami, which may become one of the city’s tallest. The building, which resembles a pile of stacked cubes, will be divided between hotel and residential uses. Read more.

New “Stalinist”-Style Tower to Join Moscow’s Skyline


01 Oct 2018, Moscow, Russia

A 31-story hotel and office project designed to imitate the “Stalinist” style is set to rise in Moscow. Foundation works have already been completed on the building, which is slated to be delivered in 2021. Read more.

Kuwait Bank Tower Fire Caused by Exterior Welding Works


01 Oct 2018, Kuwait City, Kuwait

A fire broke out in a 62-story building under construction in the Sharq sector of Kuwait City, causing the evacuation of 2,500 workers. Investigators specified welding works on the building’s exterior as the cause of the incident. Read more.

Rental Company Plans to Deliver 4,000 New Units Outside Mexico City


28 Sep 2018, Huixquilucan, Mexico

The first 180 apartments of a developer’s five-tower project outside Mexico City are set to debut in January 2019. The rental company plans to rent out 15 floors of each 31-floor building, while the remaining units are listed for sale. Read more.

Architecture Firm to Master Plan 230-Hectare Site in Shenzhen


28 Sep 2018, Shenzhen, China

An architecture firm has been chosen to design a master plan for the Qianhai area of Shenzhen. The plans feature a central sky garden, convention center, 400-room hotel, and opera house on the 230-hectare site. Read more.

750-Unit Tower to Join Pacific Park Development in New York City’s Brooklyn


28 Sep 2018, New York City, United States

Plans for a residential tower that is expected to rise over 152 meters in New York City’s Brooklyn borough have been released. The project will join the area’s Pacific Park scheme, a development that spans 9 hectares. Read more.

Contract Awarded for New 78-Story Grande Tower in Dubai's Opera District


27 Sep 2018, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

An architecture and planning firm has been awarded a contract to work on the new Grande Tower in Dubai’s Opera District. The tower will be 78 stories and will include 866 units, including penthouses. Read more.

Edmonton's Stantec Tower's Namesake Occupies 29 Floors


27 Sep 2018, Edmonton, Canada

The new headquarters of a major industrial engineering company has received its first occupants. The 69-story tower will also include 483 condominium suites in its program upon completion. Read more.

South London Planners Reject Tower Projects Near Conservation Area


27 Sep 2018, London, United Kingdom

The local government has rejected separate proposals from two area architects to replace a south London garage and low-rise offices with a 23-story residential tower and a 10-story mixed-use project. Read more.

Slender 81-Story Tower to Join Mississauga’s M City Scheme


26 Sep 2018, Mississauga, Canada

A 81-story tower has been proposed to join a 6-hectare complex in Mississauga, Canada, which has recently begun site preparations for the scheme’s first two phases. The high-rise may become the tallest in the city if completed as planned. Read more.

Elevator Contract Settled for New York’s Hudson Yards Development


26 Sep 2018, New York City, United States

A German elevator company has closed a $130 million contract to install elevators and a cloud-based predictive maintenance service in several buildings at New York’s Hudson Yards mega-development. Read more.

Tour Hekla Phase One Nearing Completion in Paris’ La Défense


26 Sep 2018, Paris, France

The first phase of a two-tower complex is nearing completion in Paris’ La Défense district, as revealed by recent site images. The 22- and 45-story buildings will be joined by terraces, restaurants, and a vegetated walkway. Read more.

Office Tower in Chicago Adds Two Stories


25 Sep 2018, Chicago, United States

A new office tower, which will be the tallest office building in Chicago, is being extended from 53 stories tall to 55 stories. The tower will contain 130,064 square meters of space and has already secured an anchor tenant. Read more.

Newest Tower in Nanjing International Youth Cultural Complex Opens


25 Sep 2018, Nanjing, China

The Jumeriah Nanjing, a 67-story hotel and residence tower with 212 rooms and 49 units, is now available for business and room bookings. The development is part of a multi-phase series of luxury projects in the area. Read more.

New Rezoning Application Submitted for Cumberland Square in Toronto


25 Sep 2018, Toronto, Canada

A rezoning application has been submitted for Cumberland Square in Toronto, after several stalled attempts to develop the properties. The latest proposal for the site includes three new towers and will also incorporate an existing tower. Read more.

Judge Rejects Legal Challenge to Manchester Tower


25 Sep 2018, Manchester, United Kingdom

A judge has rejected a proposed legal challenge to a controversial 39-story tower in Manchester’s city center. The project includes 216 high-end hotel rooms and 189 high-end flats as well as office and leisure space. Read more.

Atlanta’s Sutton Tower To House Apartments Instead of Condominiums


24 Sep 2018, Atlanta, United States

A 21-story condo tower slated for Atlanta’s Buckhead neighborhood has been forced to switch to leasable apartments, following a lack of unit sales. The luxury development is under construction, with completion scheduled for May 2019. Read more.

High-Rise Project Proposed for Rennes’ High-Speed Rail Station


24 Sep 2018, Rennes, France

A prominent European business service provider has announced plans to invest $141 million in the development of a five-building complex surrounding the EuroRennes railway station in Rennes, France. Read more.

Office Tower to Rise in Shanghai’s Suheman District


24 Sep 2018, Shanghai, China

A groundbreaking has been held on the site of a planned 42-story building in Shanghai, featuring an industrial-inspired façade and panoramic views. The office tower will rise near a public park, transportation, and underground mall. Read more.

João Pessoa Inaugurates Geneve Tour


24 Sep 2018, João Pessoa, Brazil

At 183 meters, one of Brazil’s tallest buildings has been inaugurated in the Altiplano sector of João Pessoa. The 51-floor tower includes residential, office, and commercial space, as well as vegetation-lined walls and an AQUA sustainability seal. Read more.

Chilean Retailers and E-Commerce Group Set to Occupy New Buenos Aires Office Tower


21 Sep 2018, Buenos Aires, Argentina

The first phase of a multi-tower office park in Buenos Aires is planned to be occupied by an e-commerce group and a Chilean department store. The 30,000 square meters of office space will be accompanied by a connecting public plaza. Read more.

Slim Red Brick Tower Proposed for Manchester City Center


21 Sep 2018, Manchester, United Kingdom

A narrow 55-story tower designed to imitate Manchester’s red brick-chimney-filled skyline has been proposed to rise next to a transit station. The tower includes 850 student apartments and 750 square meters of co-working space. Read more.

Redesigned New York City Tower Proposal Approved to Proceed


21 Sep 2018, New York City, United States

Following height and floor area reductions, a development has been approved to move forward in Brooklyn by the New York City Council subcommittee on zoning. The revised plans feature 256- and 155-meter towers containing mixed uses. Read more.

Skydeck-Linked Complex Planned for Guangzhou’s Pazhou District


21 Sep 2018, Guangzhou, China

An architecture firm has designed a 130-meter twin-tower complex for Gaungzhou’s growing CBD. The scheme includes a public skydeck linking the two towers, which comprise office, hotel, and serviced apartment uses. Read more.

Edmonton City Council Approves Residential Tower on Small Lot


20 Sep 2018, Edmonton, Canada

The Edmonton city council approved a controversial residential tower on a small lot in the city’s Oliver neighborhood. The developer reduced height to 23 stories and increased its street setback. Read more.

Dalian Wanda Group Sells Stake in Chicago’s Vista Tower


20 Sep 2018, Chicago, United States

Chinese developer Dalian Wanda Group has entered a deal to sell its 60 percent share of Chicago’s under-construction supertall Vista Tower to Canadian shopping mall builder Triple Five Group. Read more.