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The CTBUH Global News Archive is the primary place to get all the latest news on tall buildings, urban development and sustainable construction from around the world. The CTBUH also disseminates this information via our Monthly e-Newsletter, CTBUH Journal, and through books and reports. To view news for a certain category or time period, please use the links on the left side menu.

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Musicians Campaign Against Tower on Behalf of Nightclub


31 Jan 2013, London, United Kingdom

A group of musicians has spoken out in support of the Ministry of Sound, claiming that the proposed construction of a residential tower 10 meters from the club may threaten its existence. The 22-year-old club fears it could lose its license over noise complaints from residents in the proposed 41-story tower. Read more.

Air Rights in New York Muddling Development Efforts


31 Jan 2013, New York City, United States

The complexities of New York's underutilized policy for merging and selling air rights of landmark buildings to new developments are analyzed in a new feature from the Real Deal. Developers often avoid the expensive process, defeating the purpose of the regulations, the article reports. Read more.

Tower Built Near Ancient Theater Sparks Controversy


31 Jan 2013, Hackney, United Kingdom

Despite local opposition, The Globe Theatre and English Heritage are backing the planning application for a GBP250 million development that would construct a 250-seat open-air auditorium, museum, public park and a 40-story tower near where Shakespeare's 16th-century Curtain Theatre once stood. Read more.

Window Washing in New York


31 Jan 2013, New York City, United States

The latest issue of The New Yorker features an article about the challenges of washing windows in New York City. The article, "Life at the Top," reports that modern skyscraper architecture often renders conventional window-washing methods impossible, leading to innovation in the field. Read more.

Real Life Lord of the Rings Tower Sold


30 Jan 2013, Birmingham, United Kingdom

An English charity for the homeless has purchased the tower which reportedly inspired one of J. R. R. Tolkien's towers in Lord of the Rings. The charity bought the dilapidated seven story, seven room Perrott's Folly Tower for one pound. Read more.

New Owner Outlines Plan for Salvaging Mies Towers


30 Jan 2013, Detroit, United States

Automotive millionaire Gregory Jackson purchased the Lafayette Towers in Detroit and has offered plans for the restoration of the Mies van der Rohe-designed project. He wants to update the buildings with amenities intended to specifically attract young professionals. Read more.

Architects Chosen for London Towers


30 Jan 2013, Hackney, United Kingdom

The London borough of Hackney has chosen Karakusevic Carson and David Chipperfield to design a pair of residential towers. The 14- and 20-story Hoxton Towers will join a previously completed project by Karakusevic Carson, the eight-story Bridport House, in Shoreditch Park. Read more.

Six Tower Redevelopment Plan Approved


30 Jan 2013, Melbourne, Australia

Victorian planning minister Matthew Guy has approved an AU$800 million redevelopment of the former Age newspaper headquarters at 250 Spencer Street. The proposal seeks to add six skyscrapers and almost 3,000 residential units to the site.Read more.

Window Aperture Design Attempts to Mix Nature and Technology


29 Jan 2013, Lima, Peru

Los Angeles-based B+U Architects has released a conceptual design for its 20-story Animated Apertures Housing Tower project in Lima, Peru. The building features a series of window "apertures" which resemble palm fronds and attempt to create an "interactive and intelligent building organism." Read more.

Multimedia: Hong Kong's Skyline Timeline


29 Jan 2013, Hong Kong, China

The South China Morning Post chronicles the development of Hong Kong's Victoria Harbor skyline in an animated feature. The accompanying article includes a brief history of tall development in the city, and spotlights the city's two tallest buildings, ICC Tower and Two IFC. Read more.

Long-Discussed Chelsea Barracks Project Put on Hold


29 Jan 2013, London, United Kingdom

Developer Qatari Diar has decided to suspend work on its proposed Chelsea Barracks luxury apartment complex, citing concerns about the British economy. Although the company has completed the planning approval process for the project, they are unwilling to move forward at this point. Read more.

Photographer Offers Panoramic Views from Burj Khalifa


29 Jan 2013, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dubai-based photographer Gerald Donovan has produced a 360-degree panorama from the top of the Burj Khalifa, providing stunning views of the Dubai landscape. The image was created by merging 70 individual photographs and a mechanized panoramic tripod. Read more.

Herzog & de Meuron to Design Signature Tower at Wood Wharf


28 Jan 2013, London, United Kingdom

Canary Wharf Group has appointed Herzog & de Meuron to design a new residential tower at Wood Wharf, a redevelopment project adjacent to Canary Wharf. Herzog & de Meuron will design a landmark residential tower for the southwest corner of the site. Read more.

One of Three Wolf Point Towers Approved


28 Jan 2013, Chicago, United States

Chicago city planners approved one tower of the three-tower development backed by the Kennedy family for Chicago's coveted Wolf Point. Developers will first build the 50-story residential tower, followed by a pair of office towers, which have yet to receive the Commission's approval. Read more.

London's Tall Buildings Under Scrutiny


28 Jan 2013, London, United Kingdom

Recent events in London have brought the city's tall building development under public scrutiny, Al Jazeera reports. Although London's development trend has moved toward taller buildings, city policies are still behind the times, some argue. Read more.

Fire Breaks out in Moscow City Construction Site


25 Jan 2013, Moscow, Russia

A fire broke out Friday in a skyscraper under construction in the Moscow City development. A spark from a fan heater used to warm liquid concrete started the blaze on the Oko skyscraper, according to local media reports. Read more.

Pakistan's Tallest Nears Completion


24 Jan 2013, Karachi, Pakistan

Pakistan's future tallest building is reportedly nearing completion in the nation's capital. The US$71.4 million Ocean Tower will surpass the country's current tallest by 4 meters (12 feet) and will function as a retail and office tower. Read more.

Church's Planned Tall Buildings to Rejuvenate Surrounding Real Estate


24 Jan 2013, Boston, United States

Cambridge developer Carpenter & Co. has been hired to build two towers next to the Christian Science Plaza in Boston’s Back Bay neighborhood. The city has already approved the broad outlines of the project and construction could begin by the end of the year, according to local media. Read more.

Las Vegas 'Dinners in the Sky'


24 Jan 2013, Las Vegas, United States

Thrill seeking food-lovers may soon have the chance to "dine in the sky" like never before. A caterer in Las Vegas is reportedly building a t-shaped tower where as many as 44 diners, strapped into seats by six-point harnesses, will be able to eat meals 180 feet in the air. Read more.

Developer Seeks to Crowdfund Skyscraper Projects


24 Jan 2013, Bogota, Colombia

The Prodigy Network, the New York-based real estate marketing company which crowdfunded the Colombian skyscraper BD Bacatá, is expanding its efforts to solicit thousands of small investors to buy slices of an American skyscraper in exchange for a share of rents, Bloomberg reports. Read more.

Stalled Skyscraper Back On a Schedule


23 Jan 2013, Seattle, United States

Construction of a stalled 660-foot (200-meter) tower in downtown Seattle will begin this fall, according to developers. The project, which has been on hold for five years, will reportedly be the tallest building constructed in the city in 20 years. Read more.

Interactive 2013 Skyscraper Map


23 Jan 2013, London, United Kingdom

In honor of the new year, dezeen has produced and interactive skyscraper map of the 10 tallest towers schduled to be completed in 2013. The map is accompanied by an image and short profile of each tower and was compiled using CTBUH data. Read more.

New York Times Examines Unfinished Luxury Tower


23 Jan 2013, Las Vegas, United States

The New York Times chronicles the latest developments on the Harmon Tower, the defective and abandoned luxury hotel tower shell languishing on the heart of the Las Vegas Strip. An appeal focused on whether or not to demolish the tower is scheduled for later this year. Read more.

Skyscrapers Reflect Photographer’s Artistic Vision


23 Jan 2013, New York City, United States

A 46-year-old German photographer Carsten Witte captures the images of buildings reflected in the façades of neighboring skyscrapers to create his own artistic statement. Mr. Witte's photos appear as abstract art, which he has collected in a series called "NYC Fractal." Read more.

Sony Tower Sells for ‘Aggressive’ Price


22 Jan 2013, New York City, United States

New York's post-modernist Sony Tower, formerly owned by AT&T, has been sold to Joseph Chetrit, a real estate developer who plans to convert the building into a luxury hotel and residential tower. The Chetrit Group signed a $1.1 billion contract to purchase the 37-story Philip Johnson-designed tower on January 18. Read more.

Controversial Tower in Melbourne Receives Approval


22 Jan 2013, Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne's Planning Minister Matthew Guy has secured approval for a tall residential tower in the city's bourgeoning CBD. The 226-meter (741-foot) Tower Melbourne was designed by Australian architecture firm Elenberg Fraser. Read more.

Manhattan West Development Begins Construction


22 Jan 2013, New York City, United States

The $4.5 billion Manhattan West development, which will be built above part of the West Side Rail Yards, began construction last week. The development will include two commercial towers built over the railroads, as well as a third residential building. Read more.

Second Tallest Building in Japan Sold


18 Jan 2013, Osaka, Japan

A Hong Kong-based investment firm has purchased Rinku Gate, the second-tallest building in Japan. A subsidiary of SiS International Holdings Limited purchased the 256-meter, 56-story project in Osaka for an undisclosed price. Read more.

Proposal for Towers Saves Historic Hotel


17 Jan 2013, Los Angeles, United States

The Los Angeles City Council has unanimously voted to accept Next Century Associates’ $2 billion redevelopment project for the historic Century Plaza Hotel. The Council approved the construction of two 46-story towers designed by architects Pei Cobb Freed in order to prevent the demolition of the historic hotel. Read more.

Chicago River Point Tower Construction Begins


17 Jan 2013, Chicago, United States

Construction crews launched a 45-story office tower on Tuesday at Lake and Canal streets in the Fulton River District of Chicago. This ceremony marked the first office tower ground breaking in the city for the past four years, according to local media.Read more.