Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat
Ask a CTBUH Expert
The "Ask a CTBUH Expert" feature involves an experienced discipline leader in the Council responding directly to a frequently-asked question

What is a Façade Access Strategy?
Peter Inglis, Access Advisors Ltd.
CTBUH Journal 2018 Issue IV

What is a façade access strategy, and why does a tall building need one?

What are the Key Considerations When Demolishing a Tall Building?
Stefano Panseri, CEO, Despe S.p.A.
CTBUH Journal 2018 Issue III

What are the key considerations when demolishing a tall building?

How to Protect High-Rise Egress Routes?
Grzegorz Sypek, SMAY Group
CTBUH Journal 2018 Issue II

What is the best way to protect egress routes in tall buildings?

Why Unbonded Post-Tensioned Concrete?
Neel Khosa, AMSYSCO, Inc.
CTBUH Journal 2018 Issue I

Why has unbonded post-tensioned concrete become the predominant structural material in US skyscrapers, and what are the barriers to adoption elsewhere?

How to Balance Sydney’s Objectives for Airport and Urban Expansion?
Amin Hamzavian, AvLaw Pty. Ltd.
CTBUH Journal 2017 Issue IV

How can Sydney’s prescribed airspace be changed to accommodate urban high-rise growth?

Building Sway: From Prediction to Perception
Melissa Burton, Arup
CTBUH Journal 2017 Issue III

How do sway motions predicted by engineers translate into the effect on tall building occupants?

How to Handle New Challenges for Tall Building Foundations?
Ahmad Rahimian, WSP
CTBUH Journal 2017 Issue II

As more tall buildings are constructed on soft soil in coasting regions, cases of uneven settlement are in the news. How to resolve these issues?

Operable Windows vs. Aerodynamic Performance
Roy Denoon , CPP Wind Engineering Consultants
CTBUH Journal 2017 Issue I

Can operable windows realistically to be deployed to improve tall building aerodynamic performance in high wind conditions?

How Do Aviation Rules Affect Tall Building Height?
Ian Thompson, Thompson CGS
CTBUH Journal 2016 Issue IV

Aviation regulations place restrictions on the maximum height for high-rise building developments, in some cases with dramatic effect.

How Fast Should Tall Building Elevators Go?
James W. Fortune, FS2
CTBUH Journal 2016 Issue III

In the last three years, we have seen a host of announcements about radically new elevator technologies with higher possible speeds and travel distances.

What Limitations Stand in the Way of the First Printed

Ken Maschke,Thornton Tomasetti
CTBUH Journal 2016 Issue II

Printed concrete construction has captured the imagination of futurists, contractors, and designers.

Why So Little Tall Building Public Space?
Richard A. Wilson, Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture,
CTBUH Journal 2016 Issue I

Tall buildings are large, organized structures that enable a wide range of economic activities by diverse populations.

Modular Construction in Tall Buildings
David Farnsworth, Arup,
CTBUH Journal 2015 Issue IV

Why hasn’t modular construction become more widespread in the tall building industry?

Carbon-Fiber Tall Buildings?
Mark Richards, CH2M Hill,
CTBUH Journal 2015 Issue III

How far is the tall building industry from using carbon fiber and other lightweight composites in structures and façades?

Edible Plants at Height?
Ron Wood, Innovative Plant Technology,
CTBUH Journal 2015 Issue II

What are the constraints and potential for growing edible plants at height?

Wind Turbines on Tall Buildings
Jon Galsworthy, RWDI,
CTBUH Journal 2015 Issue I

Why don’t we see more wind turbines on tall buildings?

Tall Buildings’ Impact on “Rights to Light”
Victor Madeira Filho, Madeira, Valentim & Alem Advogados,
CTBUH Journal 2014 Issue IV

How do laws regulating tall buildings’ impact on ‘rights to light’ differ between nations, and how are these administered in increasingly densifying cities?

Why are Tall Buildings Often Considered Safer Than Low-Rise Buildings During Earthquakes?
Ron Klemencic, Magnusson Klemencic Associates,
CTBUH Journal 2014 Issue III

There are physical, code-prescribed, and practical reasons why tall buildings tend to be safer than low-rise buildings.

Helipads as a Tall Building Evacuation Tool?
Simon Lay, AECOM, CTBUH Journal 2014 Issue II

Why do some firefighting agencies request helipads for evacuation purposes on tall buildings? Hasn’t this been proven ineffective?