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Dessau Institute of Architecture (DIA)
Dessau, Germany

The Dessau Institute of Architecture (DIA) is a graduate unit within the Faculty of Architecture and Building Engineering in Anhalt University of Applied Sciences (Hochschule Anhalt), and located along side the famous Gropius Bauhaus in Dessau, Germany. The institute runs a four-semester professional international masters program in architecture, which is taught in English, and has become one of the most renowned courses of its kind in Germany. A multitude of academic options are offered within the curriculum that include a strong emphasis in teaching theory, in balance with digital media and intelligent architectonic and technical handling.

Peter Ruge

Design Research Studio
Hi(gh) Alex
2013, Dessau Institute of Architecture (DIA), Peter Ruge

The challenge of Hi(gh) Alex is to develop a program and design for a site adjacent to Alexanderplatz, reopening the debate of how this location can be best utilized as a hi(gh)light for new ideas and sustainable solutions in Berlin.

Design Research Studio
2012, Dessau Institute of Architecture (DIA), Peter Ruge
New ages of technology result in older infrastructure and built environments falling behind the pace of change. It is within these spaces, most in need of remaking, that architecture has an opportunity to fulfill its most basic and influential service as S(pace)maker.

Design Research Studio
2012, Dessau Institute of Architecture (DIA), Peter Ruge
For the past 5 years the vacant Kreisel Building (Spinning Top) has endured many plans for demolition and patiently awaited a renewed calling. The possibilities for this unique piece of the city require thorough reconsideration and the potential of environmentally sustainable methods for Tu(r)ning.