Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat
Other Institutions

A number of institutions have submitted a single design research project or studio for inclusion in CTBUH tall building studios. Below is a list of these institutions and the student projects.

Architectural Association, London
Technical University of Munich

University of Stuttgart

Technical University of Munich

Design Research Studio
Design Thesis: The WyeEcoHab, Chicago
2010, Technical University of Munich
The WyeEcoHab is a proposal for the Olympic village for the Chicago summer Olympics 2016. The design uses emerging technologies and examines their possible influence on the future architectural developments of the skyscraper.


Design Research Studio
Diploma Project: Neva Hybrid, St. Petersburg
2009, University of Stuttgart
This diploma project reviews the urban plan created by `Gensler` in 2006 for this western expansion, and considers the potential of this new district for high-rise buildings through the design of a 575m tower.


Design Research Studio
Vertical Landscraper: From Box to Tower, Dubai
2008, Architectural Association
This project situates itself as a landscape urbanists approach to a Dubai Tower Typology. It re-accesses the way in which towers address the landscape. This is a response to the myriad of difficulties experienced with the single-phase mega-project.