Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat
2008 Donation Archive

December 2008

Jennifer E. Yankopolus, Greenway Group, donated her book:
CRAMER, J. & YANKOPOLUS, J. (2009). Almanac of Architecture & Design 2009 Tenth Edition

November 2008

Antony Wood, CTBUH, donated 14 books:
JODIDIO, P. (2001). Sir Norman Foster
THORP, L. (1994). Peddle Thorp Architects: 100 Selected Projects 1984-1994
POWELL, K. (2003). New Architecture in Britain
POWELL, K. (2001). New London Architecture
PELTASON, R. (ed.) (1991). 100 Contemporary Architects
WILKINSON EYRE ARCHITECTS. (2001). Bridging Art & Science: Wilkinson Eyre Architecture
VITTA, M. (1996). Shin Takamatsu: Architecture and Nothingness
WIGGINTON, M. (1996). Glass in Architecture
LIM, W., BENG, T. (1998). Contemporary Vernacular: Evoking Traditions in Asian Architecture
HUNT, T. (2003). Tony Hunt’s Structures Notebook
HELLMAN, L. (2000). Archi-tetes: the Id in the Grid
YOONG, C. (1987). Post Merdeka Architecture: Malaysia 1957-1987
PFEIFFER, B. (1991). Frank Lloyd Wright
SCHITTICH, C. (ed.) (2004). Annual Selected Edition from Detail Review of Architecture: Architectural Details 2003

Antony Wood, CTBUH, donated archives of 4 journals:
Architecture Today, 2000-2007
Architects Journal, 2003
Building Design, 2001-2007
RIBA Journal, 200-2007

Ken McCombs, Elsevier, donated 3 books:
ALLINSON, K. (2006). London’s Contemporary Architecture + An Explorer’s Guide  
JONES, P., CANNIFFE, E. (2007). Modern Architecture Through Case Studies: 1945-1990
CHARLESON, A. (2005). Structure as Architecture: A Source Book for Architects and Structural Engineers

Charles Linn, Architectural Record, donated 1 book:
OEHLKERS, J. (ed.) (2008). Emerald Architecture: Case Studies in Green Building

Alex Davis, Work Place Law, donated 1 book:
SHEEHAN, B., MERZ, C. (ed.) (2009). Fire Safety 2009: Special Report  

Liz Hartman,
Black Dog & Leventhal Publishers, donated 1 book:
DUPRE, J. (2008). Skyscrapers: A History of the World’s Most Extraordinary Buildings

Marianna Brodatch, ABOK, donated 1 book:
BRODACH, M. (ed.) (2007). Engineering High Rise Buildings 

September 2008

Jay Pridmore, Author, donated his book:
Pridmore, J. (2008). Shanghai: The Architecture of China’s Great Urban Center.

Joseph Korom,
Author, donated his book:
Korom, J. J. Jr. (2008) The American Skyscraper 1850-1940: A Celebration of Height

David Scott, Arup, donated a book:
Arup (2008). Solutions for a Modern City: Arup in Beijing.

Helen Castle, John Wiley & Sons, donated 5 books:
Cook, P. (2008). Drawing: The emotive force of architecture
Puglisi, L. P. (2008). New Directions in Contemporary Architecture
Brislin, P. (2008). Unified Design: Arup Associates
Sheil, B. (2008). Protoarchitecture: Analogue and Digital Hybrids
Denison, E. & Ren, G.Y. (2008). Modernism in China: Architectural Visions & Revolutions  

August 2008

Jan Klerks, Dutch CTBUH, donated 3 publications:
Gaines, S. (2005) The Sky’s the Limit
Wutzke, M. (2002) Skyline Guide: Deutschland 2001/2001
Berenbak, J. Kramer, T.A. Vambersky, J.N.J.A. (2006). Workshop Highrise Buildings 2006

Ken Yeang, Llewelyn Davies Yeang donated his latest book:
Yeang, K. (2007). Eco Skyscrapers.

Heather Whaley, CPP, Inc., donated various papers and a book:
Boggs, D. (1991). Aerodynamic Models.

Johannes de Jong, KONE, donated a book:
KONE (2008). Life of Buildings: Kone Book of Maintenance and Modernization.

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