Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat
2010 Donation Archive

December 2010

Laurence King Publishing
donated the books:
GUZOWSKI, M. (2010)  Towards Zero-Energy Architecture: New Solar Design
SLAVID, R. (2009) Extreme Architecture
SILVER, P., MCLEAN, W. & WHITSETT, D. (2008) Introduction to Architectural Technology

Grant Sullivan donated the book:
BROADHURST, R. (ed.) (2007) Richard Meier Houses and Apartments

November 2010

Richard Weingardt, Richard Weingardt Consultants, donated the book:
WEINGARDT, R.C. (2009). Circles in the Sky. The Life and Times of George Ferris.
October 2010

Ian Bogle, Bogle Flanagan Lawrence Silver, donated the book:
BFLS (2010) Strata SE1. A Landmark for Urban Living

Ward Miller, Richard Nickel Committee, donated the book:
NICKEL, R., SISKIND, A., VINCI, J. & MILLER, W. (2010) The Complete Architecture of Adler and Sullivan

Abraham Senerman, Titanium Inmobiliaria, donated the book:
BARROILHET, A. & VOLOCHINSKY, M. (eds.). (2010) Titanium La Portada. Significance and Transcendence of Santiago's New Urban Landmark.

Singapore Housing & Development Board donated the boosk:
DESIGN SINGAPORE COUNCIL. (2010) 1000 Singapores - A Model of the Compact City and KWEK, K. (2000) Toa Payoh. Our Kind of Neighbourhood.
September 2010

Sarah Pfatteicher, University of Wisconsin-Madison, donated the book:
PFATTEICHER, S. (2010). Lessons Amid the Rubble
August 2010

Ronald Schleurholts, Cepezed Architects, donated the books:
VOLLAARD, P. & HENDRIKS, J. (eds.) (2006). The Work of Cepezed - Catalogue Vol.1
KOEKEBAKKER, O. & HENDRIKS, J. (eds.) (2009). The Work of Cepezed - Catalogue Vol.2
KOEKEBAKKER, O. (ed.) (2008). Westraven. Kantoor Voor Rijkswaterstaat (Westraven. Office Building)
July 2010

Waugh Thistleton Architects, Ltd. donated the book:
WAUGH, A. HEINZ, K. WELLS, M. (eds.) (2009) Stadthaus: A Process Revealed

Vassilis Mistriotis, Greek Architects, donated the book:
MISTRIOTIS, V. VANDOROS, A. & ANASTASAKIS, M. (2010) Piraeus Tower 2010. Changing the Face/Facades Reformation

Javier Quintana de Una, IE University School of Architecture Architects, donated the book:
DE UNA, J. Q. (2006) Sueno Y Frustracion. El rascacielos en Europa 1900-1939. (Dreams and Frustrations. The Skyscraper in Europe 1900-1939) (in Spanish)

Remco Noordermeer, Delft University of Technology, donated the book:
NOORDERMEER, R. (2010) Usage of Lifts for the Evacuation of High-Rise Projects. An International Discussion from a Dutch Perspective

Paul Chacola Schmal, Deutsches Architekturmuseum, donated the book:
BUSENKELL, M. & SCHMAL, P. C. (eds.) (2008) The International High-rise Award 2008

Fentress Architects donated the books:
FENTRESS, C. (2010) Touchstones of Design. (re) Defining Public Architecture
CRAMER, J. & WOLFORD, J. (eds.) (2010). Almanac of Architecture & Design 2010. 11th Edition
June 2010

Dario Trabucco donated the book:
TRABUCCO, D. (2010) Costruire in altezza. Una sfida per la sostenibilità. Il service core e il bilancio energetico di un edificio alto (Building Height: A Challenge for Sustainability. The Service Core and the Energy Balance of a Tall Building)

Gianpaolo Buccino donated the book:
BUCCINO, G. (2003) Il Grattacielo (The Skyscraper. Structurally Considered)

A. Melissa Harris, The University of Michigan, donated the book:
HARRIS, M. (ed.)  (2010) Dimensions: Twenty Three
May 2010

DJ James J.M. Ding, TJADRI, donated the book:
JIEMIN, D. (ed.) (2007). TJAD: 1998-2007

Jan Klerks,
CTBUH, donated two books:
BLACKBURN, T. (2003) Getting Science Grants: Effective Strategies for Funding Success
DUTCH COUNCIL ON TALL BUILDINGS (2008). Een studie naar Nederlandse hoogbouwcultuur

Qingguo Fan, Shanghai Construction Group, donated two books:
GUAN LIN, Z. LIWEN, S. (ed.) (2000).  Jin Mao Tower: Decision-Making, Design and Construction SHANGHAI CONSTRUCTION GROUP (2006). Shanghai Construction Group

Kwan-Joong Kim, SAMOO, donated two books:
SAMOO ARCHITECTS & ENGINEERS (2010). Design is Life, Life is Design: 2010 SAMOO Works SAMOO ARCHITECTS & ENGINEERS (2010). SAMOO Architects & Engineers

Young Joon Lee, Daelim Contemporary Art Museum, donated two books:
DAELIM CONTEMPORARY ART MUSEUM. (2009)  Jean Prouve: The Poetics of the Technical Object

Li Ya Ming, SIADR, donated the book:
SAIDR (2009). SIADR: Selected Works 2003-2008

Taylor & Francis Group donated the book:
SHEARD, R. (2001). Sports Architecture

Akio Yoshimura,
Mori Building, donated two books:
MORI BUILDING (2008). Mori Building                           
MORI BUILDING (2008). Shanghai World Financial Center

Jun Jie Zhang,
ECADI, donated two books:
ECADI. (2009). East China Architectural Design & Research Institute Co.
ECADI. (2007). ECADI 2007: Selected & Current Works
April 2010

Pamela J. Newman,
The Newman Team at AON, donated the book:
NEWMAN, J. (2009) Terms of Engagement. An A to Z Guide from a Global Insurance Broker
March 2010

Cathy Yang, Taipei Financial Center Corporation, donated the book:
BINDER, G. (2008) Taipei 101

M. Halis Gunel & H. Emre Ilgin, Middle East Technical University, donated the book:
GUNEL, M. H. & ILGIN, H. E. (2010). Yüksek Binalar: Taşıyıcı Sistem ve Aerodynamik Form/Tall Buildings: Structural System and Aerodynamic Form

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