Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat

Featured Design Research Studios

2015 Design Research Studio
Reshaping Downtown – Transit-Oriented Mega-Development
Tongji University
Professors: Zhendong Wang, Zhenyu Xie, Hao Wang & Peng Du

The studio looked at the overall Brickell City Centre Development and investigated programmatic and design solutions for the Phase II Tower and its integration into the existing Phase I buildings.

2014 Design Research Studio
Network-3D – Tall Buildings as Extensions
Tongji University
Professors: Zhenyu Xie, Zhendong Wang, David Malott & Peng Du

This studio explored what the three-dimensionality of cities means for tall buildings and their ability to locate extremely dense development atop major urban infrastructure while also providing quality public space.

2014 CTBUH Competition
CTBUH Annual International Tall Building Competition
Competition Jury Chair: Mun Summ Wong

The goal of the competition is to shed new light on the meaning and value of tall buildings in modern society. In light of global climate change, public awareness of urban sustainability has forced designers to rethink and reinvent the role of the high-rise building type.

2014 Design Research Studio
Chicago Architecture Center - A Third Place
Illinois Institute of Technology
Professor Thomas Hoepf

The project presents a number of design challenges concerning mixed‐use program, constricted site, density, and sustainability, as well as the problem of creating an identity for a new institution within the context of Chicago’s iconic skyline.

2014 Design Workshop
VAA International Student Workshop & Competition
IUAV University of Venice
Luigi Croce, University of Udine

The participants in this workshop was challenged in a two-week workshop to design a cluster of maximum 120-meter-tall towers for an abandoned industrial site on the border of the Venice lagoon.

Flood Plain Tower 2014 Design Research Studio
2014 Spring Semester Studio
King Saud University
Professor: Dr. Abdel Rahman Elbakheit

The theme of this studio was to explore the iconography of tall buildings within the city landscape. Student chose from different technical systems to what suited them in their approach. Overall, the student needed to seek a device that can cultivate an Iconic Image in the city sky.

2013 Design Research Studio
Towards Zero Carbon – Chicago DeCarbonization Plan
Tongji University & Illinois Institute of Technology
Linxue Li, Zhendong Wang, Antony Wood & Peng Du

The participants developed zero-carbon plans for Wolf Point Chicago
with a consideration of 5 different aspects – water resources, waste recycling, vertical farms, low-carbon life, and wind energy.

Flood Plain Tower 2013 Design Research Studio
2013 Fall Semester Studio
King Saud University
Professor: Dr. Abdel Rahman Elbakheit

The studio experimented with environmental strategies in tall buildings context. Students were briefed to the high potential of certain technologies and their effectiveness and/or advantages in tall buildings as opposed to other building types.

2013 Design Research Studio
Sustainable Vertical Urbanism
Illinois Institute of Technology
Professors: Antony Wood, Payam Bahrami & Dario Trabucco

The participants in “Sustainable Vertical Urbanism” received a challenge to respond to an apparently simple question: “What contributes to the sustainability of cities?”

2013 Design Research Studio
Hi(gh) Alex
Dessau Institute of Architecture (DIA)
Professor: Peter Ruge

The challenge of Hi(gh) Alex is to develop a program and design for a site adjacent to Alexanderplatz, reopening the debate of how this location can be best utilized as a hi(gh)light for new ideas and sustainable solutions in Berlin.