Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat
CTBUH and ArcelorMittal Discuss Final Stages of
LCA Research
September 2014
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LUXEMBOURG - CTBUH and ArcelorMittal met for 2.5 days in July in Esch sur Alzette, Luxembourg, to discuss the advancements of the “A Whole Life Cycle Assessment of the Sustainable Aspects of Structural Systems in Tall Buildings” Research, which is due for completion by the end of 2014.

In the past months the CTBUH research team has acquired, as a fundamental part of any LCA analysis, the information needed to create a complete the Life Cycle Inventory (LCI) database for construction, life and demolition/recycling of the structures in tall buildings with 60 and 120 stories.
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During the meeting, the above mentioned acquired data, together with some of the research findings and preliminary results, were attentively examined and reviewed by both teams, so as to assure the maximum accuracy for the final results.

The research is now progressing through completion with the remaining information being acquired and assessed by the research team, with the help of various international experts and industry leaders.

The remaining steps of the research will see the complete Life Cycle Inventory Assessment, the environmental impacts of all individual inputs and outputs and the total environmental impact of the tall building structures throughout their whole life cycle.

The CTBUH team is also starting the production of the research final output, which will result in a publication in the Technical Guide series in 2015.

Future updates on the advancement of this research, and information on the previous steps, can be found here.