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Research Division LCA Project Nearing Completion
December 12, 2014
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LUXEMBOURG - CTBUH Research Manager Dario Trabucco, principal investigator of the 24-month-long research project “A Whole Life Cycle Assessment of the Sustainable Aspects of Structural Systems in Tall Buildings,” met in Luxembourg with ArcelorMittal representatives Olivier Vassart, Jean-Claude Gerardy and Nicoleta Popa to discuss the results of the research, which is now nearing completion.

Some final efforts are still required of the CTBUH research team before the results can be announced to the public in spring 2015 and presented at the 2015 CTBUH Conference in New York in October.

The research, initiated in January 2013 thanks to a $300,000 grant from ArcelorMittal, the world’s largest steel producer, compares the environmental properties of buildings ranging from 60 to 120 meters in height. One group uses construction systems made of a concrete core with steel or composite columns; the other groups consist of buildings made entirely of steel, and entirely of concrete.
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The research results will be examined in an extensive report the CTBUH team is compiling, which will be submitted to ArcelorMittal for final approval. The report will serve as the basis for a publication in the new CTBUH Research Report series.
The research is assessing structures built with all materials: steel buildings, concrete buildings, composite systems and mixed materials (concrete cores with steel frame). In this photo, steel elements are being used on the T59 building in Changsha, China.