Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat
Interim Meeting at ArcelorMittal Luxembourg Headquarters
March 2014
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After one year of research completed, and another 12 months to go, the research team met in Luxembourg the ArcelorMittal representatives to discuss the advancements of the research “A Whole Life Cycle Assessment of the Sustainable Aspects of Structural Systems in Tall Buildings.”
ArcelorMittal Research headquarter in Esch-sur-Lazette, Luxembourg
During the meeting the team reviewed the methodologies adopted for the acquisition of information, and the results of the structural design inquiry  that was distributed among leading structural engineering firms. This represents a milestone of the project for the acquisition of the inventory of materials, a fundamental part of every LCA analysis.

During the meeting the list of contents that will be included in the final output was discussed. A comprehensive publication will be released by CTBUH as part of its Technical Guides series in the first months of 2015, after a substantial peer-review from an international panel of experts. If you are interested in serving as a reviewer, plese contact