Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat

Research Division

The CTBUH Research Division, which consists of research staff at both the CTBUH Headquarters in Chicago and the CTBUH Research Office at IUAV University of Venice, undertakes research into all aspects of tall buildings and sustainable cities. With a dedicated team of experienced research professionals and a vast network of members spanning all specializations in the industry, the Research Division drives critical investigations with profound impacts for the typology. It also assists researchers in their efforts to locate funding, information, technical expertise, and objective peer review.

See the typical process for a CTBUH Research Project here.

In addition, the Research Division is supported by the following initiatives:
              CTBUH Annual Research Seed Funding
              CTBUH Expert Peer Review Committee
              CTBUH Research, Academic & Postgraduate Working Group

For queries on the CTBUH Research Division, or to discuss a potential project, contact:
Dario Trabucco, CTBUH Research Manager, at


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Current Research Projects:

Green Living Technologies: What is Missing in the International Standards?
Project Started: February 2016
Anticipated Project Completion: November 2016
Funding Sponsor:
Underwriters Laboratories
Principal Investigator:
Dario Trabucco, CTBUH

This research will define a set of development guidelines for comprehensive standards on green living technologies, both for roofs and façades.

Study on Tall Building Damping Technologies
Project Started: May 2015
Anticipated Project Completion: November 2016
Funding Sponsor:
Bouygues Construction
Principal Investigator:
Dario Trabucco, CTBUH

The present research aims at creating a comprehensive publication summarizing the state-of-the-art utility of damping systems in tall buildings.

Sustainability Implications of Urban + Suburban Locations
Project Started: February 2014
Anticipated Project Completion: February 2016
Funding Sponsor:
Principal Investigator:
Dr. Antony Wood, CTBUH/IIT & Peng Du, CTBUH/IIT

The research study is aimed at understanding what factors really do contribute to “sustainability” in an urban / suburban context.

Study on the Properties of Composite Megacolumns
Project Started: April 2014
Anticipated Project Completion: April 2016
Funding Sponsor:
Principal Investigator:
Dario Trabucco, CTBUH

This project seeks to study the architectural and engineering properties of Composite Megacolumns, which are seeing an increasing use in tall buildings, especially in super and megatall buildings.

Determinants of Skyscraper Heights and Completion Rates
Project Started: October 2015
Anticipated Project Completion: March 2016
Funding Sponsor:
Sun Hung Kai Properties, via CTBUH 2015 Research Seed Funding
Principal Investigator:
Jason Barr, Rutgers University

The study will run a statistical analyses to investigate what factors contribute to development across 62 Chinese cities from 1978 to 2014.

Recently Completed Research Projects:

Life Cycle of Tall Building Structural Systems
Project Started: January 2013
Project Completed: January 2015
Funding Sponsor:
Principal Investigator: Dr. Antony Wood, CTBUH
and Dario Trabucco, CTBUH

This project is a multi-faceted research project conducting a life cycle analysis of various tall building structural systems.

Building Façade Retrofit: A Database Of Completed Projects
Project Started: October 2014
Project Completed: March 2015
Funding Sponsor:
ECADI , via CTBUH 2014 Research Seed Funding
Principal Investigator:
Prof. Douglas Noble,
University of Southern California School of Architecture

The 2014 Research Seed Funding project will study façade-design optimization projects undertaken on existing tall buildings to date.

New “Vertical Forest” (Bosco Verticale)
Project Started: June 2013
Project Completed: June 2014
Funding Sponsor:
Arup, via CTBUH 2013 Research Seed Funding
Principal Investigator: Dr. Elena Giacomello, IUAV

The 2013 International Seed Funding funds a study of the radical new “Vertical Forest” (Bosco Verticale); two 75- and 110-meter towers in Milan festooned with exterior vegetation on cantilevered platforms.

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