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Before joining WSP, Agha held the position of Senior Principal at Yolles Inc. and prior to that Agha worked as a Technical Director in a reputable company in the Far East. Agha has more than 35 years experience as a structural engineer and has worked on many projects in several countries including Saudi Arabia, Singapore, UAE and Oman. Some of these projects include the HPL Condominium Building, Singapore; the Sriwi Office Towers, Jakarta; the Alrajhi Bank Building, Jeddah; the LeMeridien Hotel, Islamabad; the Imperial Guard Housing Tower, Tehran; Baluchistan University, Baluchistan, Iran; the USAID funded Agricultural University, Peshawar, Pakistan; Caribbean Club Building, Cayman Islands; Shore Club Tower, New York; New Istanbul Tower, Turkey; and several buildings of different varieties in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Saudi Arabia.

Some of Agha’s Canadian projects include Trump International Tower, One King West Tower, Pantages Towers, Aura Tower and several Towers for Concord Adex, TransCanada Pipeline Tower, Calgary and others.

During his engineering career, Agha has specialized in the planning, non-linear dynamic analysis and design of reinforced and pre-stressed concrete tall buildings under seismic and wind loads. He has worked extensively on long-span concrete and steel structures, environmental structures, industrial buildings, sports stadia and communication Towers. He has been involved in planning and design of low-rise institutional and residential buildings including educational institutions.

Agha is a regular contributor to technical journals and a speaker at seminars. He is also a joint patent holder in Europe and North America for an invention relating to provision of distributed visco-elastic damping in tall buildings.