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As WME UAE’s Director of Projects, Louise Collins combines client liaison and business development with high-level management of project delivery. She joined WME at its founding, and is a highly experienced engineer with particular skills in project management and service delivery co-ordination. Louise works closely with our clients, ongoing and prospective. She helps lay the groundwork for projects at planning stages, then ensures that clients are well informed in relation to project progress and any potential risks — and uses interaction and technical feedback from this liaison process to improve the way WME delivers its services. She leads on business development and is responsible for new project bids and input into the practice’s overall marketing. In the company-wide management of project delivery, she makes good use of her ability to retain an overview of complex work flows, which is a skill she honed in her former WME role as Director of MEP. She oversees our project leaders, supporting them through assistance with client liaison, internal processes and risk analysis. Her responsibilities include managing financial aspects of projects, such as variation review and submission, and resourcing. Louise uses her more than 18 years’ experience in the construction industry to effectively bridge the outward-facing aspects of business growth with the internal demands of engineering design, documentation and delivery. She ensures that WME’s client-focused service continuously improves, that our business systems are operating in support of the best project delivery outcomes possible and that the commercial and legal integrity of the practice is maintained. Trained in building services in Dublin and Glasgow, Louise has been based in the Middle East for over 13 years. She has been instrumental in WME’s success in delivering low energy projects in hot climates, such as the SWISS INTERNATIONAL SCIENTIFIC SCHOOL DUBAI — the first buildings in the Middle East to be certified by the MINERGIE Association, Switzerland. She continues to enjoy the challenges of meeting difficult targets and working with new technologies, especially if they support fundamental changes for the better in the way a building works.