Four Luxury Apartment Towers are Coming to San José

San José, Costa Rica – 24 January 2019


Núcleo Sabana is the name of a new planned community coming to San José, Costa Rica, which will include four residential towers providing luxury condominiums and connectivity to the city. The development will be located near the Metropolitan Park, La Sabana, the country’s largest.

The total project investment is estimated to be some $160 million, but the first stage, which will be finished in approximately 36 months, is valued at $80 million.

RC Inmobiliaria, the developer behind the complex, has said that the complex is aimed at meeting the needs of newer generations, who want buildings that are modular, intelligent and sustainably-built, while also offering security, luxury, exclusivity, and comfort.

Núcleo Sabana was designed by applying the principles of a circular city, which encourages creativity and innovation that echo San José, while also offering green and recreational space for residents to enjoy.

The project, which emphasizes “smart” buildings, and energy- and resource-efficient construction, was designed to exist in harmony with its environmental context across all aspects, from maintenance to operation. It was also designed with robust connections to urban transportation in mind, offering convenient access to major thoroughfares and routes.

The investment in Núcleo Sabana is indicative of a larger growth throughout the zone and the city, said Catalina Jiménez, Sales Manager at RC Real Estate.

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